Basic Science

It is common knowledge that best scientific solutions originate from the knowledge of fundamental sciences. Hence maintaining a reasonable balance between basic and applied sciences is necessary. A sound knowledge of Basic Science helps students to understand and adapt to the new trends in education and industry that came to substitute the earlier approaches.

The Unit of Basic Science comprises of:

Department of Physics 

Department of Chemistry

Department of Mathematics


Academic unit - Physics of The Neotia University has been contributing meaningfully in Teaching, Research and teaching Administration towards the development of the University since its inception in 2015. Academic unit - Physics is composed of very highly qualified faculties, skilled junior engineers and dedicated research scholars. The faculties of Physics Unit start nourishing the students taking admission in the University from the Orientation Program. The Unit is dedicated to develop the foundation of the Engineering and Science students and offer them the platform to explore. Being a lab based Unit, the Unit of Physics is always motivated to maintain state of the art laboratory and practice open ended experiments and/or Projects to satisfy the inquisitive minds and develop their experimental skills. 

Presently the department offers theory and laboratory based courses in Fundamentals of Physics, Fundamentals of ThermodynamicsApplied ThermodynamicsNautical Physics, Geometrical and Physical Optics, and Advanced Solid State Physics to different branches of B.Tech, B.Sc and M.Sc and PhD courses. 

All the faculties of Academic unit – Physics, have earned Govt. sponsored project and pursued/are pursuing those successfully. This Unit has published a good number of research papers in highly reputed international journals since 2015. The faculties of the Unit have been performing collaborative research with many national and international research institutes. All the faculties of the Unit are registered Ph.D supervisor of the University and presently guiding some Ph.D aspirants. This Unit possesses one of the most well equipped Research Lab of the University.

In regular interval Unit of Physics takes initiative to organize seminars and lectures by eminent faculties and researchers for the students of the University. This provides a platform for the students to know the recent developments and happenings in the field and celebrate the exchange of knowledge. 

The Unit of Physics contributes in University’s overall development by taking part in Faculty Council, Academic Council, Student Counselling, Research & Development, Sports etc.


Dr. Kalyanashis De, Assistant Professor

Dr. De has been 8 years of teaching and an overall research experience of 9 years in the field of Condensed Matter Physics. He did his PhD in Physics and is currently involved in a project regarding the effect of A-site sophisticated disorder on the Electromagnetic properties of ‘A-site   ordered RBaMn2O6 (R= rare earth)’ perovskite. He has received several rewards and recognition, some of which are Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship by UGC, Postdoctoral Fellowship by FCT, Portugal and Senior Research Fellowship by Indian Association from the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata. He has 10 International Publications on his name. Dr. De has been the PI of a project granted by UGC-DAE in CRS scheme for 3 years (2017-19).



Department of Physics


The Department of Chemistry has been an integral part of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of The Neotia University since its inception in 2015. Enthusiastic faculties of the Department are actively engaged in teaching and cutting edge research. Presently the department offers theory and laboratory based courses in General Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry , Environmental Chemistry, Biomaterials, Bioprocessing Engineering and Technology, Fermentation Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Materials Science and Research Methodology to different branches of B.Tech, B.Sc and M.Sc and PhD courses. 

Based on the present teaching philosophy, faculty members of the Department of Chemistry are engaged to provide ultra modern teaching facilities to the students, as well as keeping them updated in various applied subjects. In parallel to teaching the faculty members are actively involved in independent and original research work and have collaboration with the different state, national and International level institutes. The faculty members of the department are engaged in state of the art research as well as guiding Ph.D., M. Sc. and B.Tech students. The department has made great strides by revising and updating the B.Tech, B.Sc and M. Sc. syllabus time and again. Students get an opportunity to have fundamental and applied knowledge in all fields of chemistry as well as are trained to have a correlation of chemistry with various subjects. We have organized series of National Seminars and Workshops by leading professors and scientists in collaboration with other departments. 

The department is presently running two research projects- one SERB-DST, Government of India sanctioned project in collaboration with the department of Physics and another University sanctioned project.


Dr. Abhijit Samanta, Assistant Professor

Dr. Samanta has 8 years of teaching and an overall research experience of 12 years. He did his PhD in Applied Chemistry and his research areas included Rheology, Interfacial Tension, Fluid flow through Porous Media, Enhanced Oil Recovery (Chemical & Microbial), Bioenergy and Microbial Growth Kinetics. He has been a Junior Research Fellow under CSIR, New Delhi at Department of Petroleum Engg., ISM Dhanbad and Postdoctoral Research Associate at Department of Petroleum Engg., Texas A&M University. He has 10 International Publications on his name. He has attended 6 National and 6 International Conferences. 

Dr. Manashi Chakraborty, Assistant Professor

Dr. Chakraborty has 13 years of teaching experience and has an overall research experience of 11 years. Currently, she has been working on projects involving Dependence of Exchange Bias on Interparticle Interaction and Improving multiferroicity with RGO/GO/Graphene based Nano composites.  She did her PhD in Chemistry and her areas of research have been Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry and Nanomaterials Synthesis, Characterization and Magnetic Properties Study. She has a National and 5 International Publications on her name.



Department of Chemistry


The Unit of Mathematics from its very inception in 2015 has committed to be a centre of excellence in Mathematics and Statistics and been vigorously engaged in teaching and research of high quality. 

The vision of this academic unit is not only to transform young minds to be competent and motivated professionals but also to contribute to the overall development of the nation through their expertise, research and academic activities. 

The unit of Mathematics always remained energetic with dedicated faculty members who, apart from teaching, are actively engaged in research in the thrust areas of Mechanics of Solids, Hydrodynamics, Geodynamics, Groundwater Contamination, Mathematical Modelling, Differential Equations and other relevant emerging fields. The unit is instrumental in delivering supports for Mathematics & Statistics in various UG & PG programmes across several schools of the university. 

The members of the unit have published significant number of research articles international journals of repute. Two PhD scholars have started pursuing their research work from this unit.


Dr. Ayan Chatterjee, Assistant Professor

Dr. Chatterjee has 2 years of teaching experience. He did his PhD in Mathematics and he has overall 5 years of research experience in the areas of Mathematical Modelling of Contaminant Flow in Groundwater, Mathematical Modelling of Surface Water flow, Geo-Mathematical Modelling and Transport in Porous Media. He has Published 8 Research Articles in International Journals (5 SCI and 3 Scopus) and presented 2 article in International Conference.

Dr. Mostaid Ahmed, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahmed has 2 years of teaching experience. He did his PhD in Applied Mathematics and his research areas were Solid Mechanics, Theory of Elastic Waves, Geodynamics and Mathematical Modeling. He has had 11 International Publications to his name and has attended 3 International Conferences as well.



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