Choice based credit System

In today’s context activating both sides of the brain is essential for professional and personal success.

The salient features of CBCS are:

1. A student has to earn a specified number of credits to graduate
2. For successful completion of a degree program, a student has to complete:

  • 60% of the total required credits by taking mandatory core courses

  • 20% from elective courses 

  • 20% from courses outside his/her area of specialization. This gives an opportunity to the students to interact with a wide spectrum of students from disciplines other than their own and also explore their extracurricular interests and inclinations

3. 15 hours of classroom learning or 30 hours of laboratory work during a semester equal one credit. For example, a three-credit course could have 45 hours of theory classes or 90 hours of practical classes or a combination of both. The number of credits for each course varies and depends on the amount of material to be taught during the semester.

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