By - Prof. (Dr.) Sushil Kumar Kothari, Director, School of Agriculture & Allied Sciences

The important issue that affects Indian agriculture today is the fact that the livelihood of the majority of the small and marginal farmers is at stake. The so-called “subsistence agriculture” or “traditional rain-fed farming” practiced by more than hundred million people of India is no longer economically viable. This has led to grave national issue of thousands of farmers committing suicide and many farmers leaving farming to join industrial or unorganized labor force for a better livelihood.

By - Neerajana Ghosh, Department of Applied Psychology

Positive psychology is described as the scientific study of what makes life most worth living (Peterson, 2008).  It is the study of behavior, feelings and human thoughts which strive to focus on human strengths rather than weaknesses. The focus of positive psychology is on building the good in life instead of repairing the bad, and taking the lives of people up to enhance it or make it “better” instead of focusing on moving individuals who are struggling up to a “normal” (Peterson, 2008).

By - Dr. Anindita Dutta, HoD, Dept. of English, School of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

The year 2020 would leave behind an indelible mark in the history of mankind for all the wrong reasons. The year commenced with the trauma of the COVID 19 pandemic looming large across nations. Innumerable people across the globe continue to lose their lives following the Corona virus attack. Medical advisories have been issued everywhere cautioning people of social distancing and avoidance of all forms of gatherings.

By: Ms. Upasana, Faculty - Hospitality Administration, School of Hospitality and Culinary Art

Entrepreneurship as a career is an emerging trend among young millennials. The youth nowadays want to be their own boss.  In the present  pace of development in the country, positive political environment with policies of government to support startups and making the country self-sufficient  and the myriad of opportunities; draw of youth to entrepreneurship has become rather magnetic.

Dr. Sudeshna Roy, Applied Psychology, School of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

Have you ever felt anxious and distressed because you were separated from your loved ones or do you fear concerning separation from your attachment figure? Well, that may be due to your separation anxiety. American Psychiatric association (APA,2000) defined separation anxiety as “developmentally inappropriate and excessive anxiety concerning separation from home or from those to whom the individual is attached”.

By - Mr. Rupam Ghosh, Deputy Director, School of Hospitality and Culinary Art

The current wave across the world is to switch to a healthier lifestyle and diet; for this, millions of people are opting out of meat based menus and adopting vegan way of life.

What really are vegans? Vegans are vegetarians but with lot more diet restrictions, particularly in terms of consuming animal products.

By - Dr. Malay Kumar Samanta, Professor & Director, School of Pharmacy

Our immune system is having defense mechanism that helps us fight against diseases and by improving our immunity we can tackle many infectious diseases including COVID-19. Our immune system has the power to detect harmful bacteria and viruses that enter our body – these cells, also referred to as antigens, attack them by producing ‘antibodies.

By - Dr. Tanuj Kumar Mandal, School of Agriculture and Allied Sciences

‘Amphan’ the most severe storm in the Bay of Bengal since the super cyclone of 1999, made landfall around 20 km east of Sagar island in the Sundarbans on 20th May, 2020 with a speed of 160 km per hour. Causing over 13 billion US$ of damage, ‘Amphan’ is the costliest cyclone ever recorded in the North Indian Ocean.

By - Vivek Anand, Hospitality Faculty, School of Hospitality and Culinary Art

The world is grappling with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The corona (covid-19) pandemic may never go away; people will have to learn to live with it. This pandemic has changed the mindset of every human being. Every day, our interactions with the outside world, from public spaces, restaurants, educational institutions to each other have been reoriented for the sake of personal hygiene and public health.

By - Dr. Anindita Dutta, HoD, Dept. of English, School of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts - Charles Dickens

The year 2020 completes 150 years of the death of Charles Dickens, one of the finest English novelists of all times. Sadly, the year could hardly observe commemoration of events as the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic continues worldwide. Amidst the pandemic crisis the 150th death anniversary of Charles Dickens on June 9 silently came and went by.

By - Ms. Atrayee Bandyopadhyay, School of Humanities, Management & Social Science

In today’s world, everybody is in pursuit of successful 1career. There are many who are in search of an unconventional yet bright career options. The notion that only doctors & nurses are required to run a hospital no longer is valid and acceptable today. The hospital administration & managerial activities is such a vital & integral part of the hospital that without which the hospital will cease to operate.

By - Dr. Prasun Karmakar, School of Agriculture & Allied Sciences, The Neotia University.

India is now combatting its worst locust attack in 27 years, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. It is a potential threat to our nation’s economy, as it has already suffered huge economic losses from COVID-19 outbreak, Cyclone Amphan and Nisarga.

By - Moutusi Bera, Student of Integrated M.Sc in Biotechnology of The Neotia University.

Moutusi Bera, Student of integrated M.Sc in Biotechnology of The Neotia University, shares her journey to pursue her dreams of becoming a Biotechnologist. Since childhood I was fascinated by the science of nature and its limitless possibilities of benefiting humanity and environment. I realized that to improve human health and environment, we need to harmonize the science of Biology and Technology which in the modern era is referred as the science of Biotechnology.

Sampreet Sarkar, presently studying B.Tech in Robotics Engineering from The Neotia University-School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is one of the team members from the core group of five students who developed MARIA. He shares with us the story of how his friends, juniors and their mentor Dr. Ankush Ghosh collaborated to conceptualize and build this Service cum Security Robot: MARIA.

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