Dr. Bidisha Mondal

Gold Medallist in Agricultural Genetics & Plant Breeding in Masters Level from Calcutta University (2001).Selected as Outstanding Studentfor intensive training on Agricultural Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology- Molecular Marker Technology) from famous Scientist Prof. P. K. Gupta funded by DST, Govt. of India(2000). Got invitation from Agriculture Department of West Bengal as Resource Person for delivering lecture under ATMA scheme (2010).


 Doctoral studies included phenotypic and genotypic studies of different Citrus species funded by ICAR-NATP Govt. of India.Previous assignment included Assistant Professor position in NetajiSubhas Open University (NSOU)(2009-2012), Madras University (Part time, 2008- 2010).Extensive Radio Counselling of Farmers and Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany students in NSOU and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) educational channels (105.4 FM) radio (2009-2016). 

Academic area of interest includes Genetics, Biotechnology, Tissue Culture, Physiology, Germplasm Management, Biodiversity Conservation, Organic Farming, Micro-propagation, Micro-grafting and Corporate Agriculture. 

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Research expertise

Worked as Post-Doctoral Research Scientist in a DST, West Bengal funded project on Fungal Barcoding in Calcutta University (2017-2018). Worked as Quality Control Adviser of JGB AgrofreshPvt. Ltd. for improvement and production of quality produce.

Worked as Scientist & Principal Investigator of a project from DBT, Govt. of India(BIOCARE WOMEN SCIENTIST AWARD) on Generation of Molecular Marker related to Polyembryony in Citrus (2012-2016).

Selected for first national level interface meeting of UGC Women Bio-scientists in the year 2011.

Actively worked with West Bengal Pollution Control Board and Distance Education Council of India from 2009-20012 for mitigation of pollution and biological knowledge dissemination.

Worked as Product Manager in INVITROGEN, USA in R & D section of Eastern India (2007) with knowledge dissemination of advanced biotechnology chemicals and equipment.

Worked as Senior Research Fellow and completed genetic characterization of elite germplasms of Citrus reticulata Blanco from North Eastern Himalayan region of India with a funding from ICAR-NATP, Govt. of India with establishment of micro propagated population of the same during PhD (2001-2006).

Research Publications:

1.R. Bhattacharya, B. Mondal and S. Bhattacharya (2001) In-vitro conservation and encapsulation of Coleus forskhlii. Indian. J. Plant. Genet. Resour, 14: 313-315.
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13.B. Mondal (2009) Application of biotechnology in natural resource management (NRM). J Crop WeedSci, 5: 270-272. 16. R. Saha,B. Mondal, B. Naskar (2013). AMF inoculation changes the root development pattern of plants at early stage of colonization. International Journal of Bio-resource Science. 1(1):41-45

14. R. Saha, B. Mondal (2013). Changes in Phosphorus uptake pattern and its utilization of different rice varieties due to Arbuscularmycorrhizal inoculation in relation to plant growth. International Journal of Bio-resource Science. 1(1):47-54
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17. B. Mondal, A. Pal and R. Saha (2014) Detection of zygotic embryos of Citrus reticulata by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA. International journal of Science and Research 3 (7): 768- 773.

18. B. Mondal, R Dutta and R Saha (2014) Application of DNA based molecular marker for the assessment of Genetic transformation in Citrus sinensis. International journal of Science and Research. 4 (1): 52-55.

19. B. Mondal, S. Pramanick and R. Saha (2014) Application of RAPD technique for molecular marking of lime (Citrus aurantifolia) genotypes of West Bengal. European journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience. 2(6): 53-58.

20. B. Mondal, S. Pramanick, R. Saha and M. Karmakar (2015) Application of simple sequence repeat marker for demarcation of Citrus reticulata nucellar and hybrid seedlings. International Journal of Biosciences. 6(2):128-133.

21. E Tarafder, A K Dutta, P. Pradhan, B. Mondal, N. Chakraborty, S. Paloi, A. Royand K. Acharya (2017) Contribution to the Macromycetes of West Bengal, India:13-17. Research. J. Pharm. and Tech10(4) : 1-8.

Full Papers in International andNational Level Proceedings:

22. B. Mondal and A. Das (2004) Application of simple biotechnology to explore enormous diversity of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata Blanco) germplasms. In:Proceedings of the Seminar on Environmental Biotechnology, pp. 161-162.
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27. B.Mondal (2010) Arsenic toxicity and the role of savior plant Pteris. In: Proceedings of the Seminar on Arsenic Pollution: AGlobal Threat In The New Millennium, pp. 117-119.
28. B. Mondaland R. Saha (2018) Mitigating the Problems of fresh fruit and vegetable export of West Bengal. In: Proceedings of the Seminar on Down to Earth – Interdisciplinary conference on Agri-Innovation and Entrepreneurship. (Accepted for publication).


  • Books: Written five units of Subsidiary Botany Study Material covering three units on Plant Physiology and two units on Ecology (SBT-II, Block-1 and 2), 2009 (units equivalent to chapter). Details are given below.    
  • Edited Volumes: Edited one study material of Elective Botany (EBT-09, Block-I & II)


Got prestigious DBT Bio-CARE research grant as Scientist (Principal Investigator) and completed the same successfully with 6 months Extension in BCKV from which two students completed their Ph.D, three students done M.Sc dissertation and two external students from St. Xaviers University done their summer projects with NASI internship (2012-2016).

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