Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor

Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor

11 May 2022
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Departmenti) Agro-Forestry, (ii) Agricultural Economics, (iii) Entomology ( Beneficial Insects ) / Nematology, (iv) Agricultural Microbiology, (v) Food Science and Technology, (vi) Agricultural Chemicals, (vii) Agri and Geo-Informatics, (viii) Animal Science, (ix) Farm Manager

Qualification : i) MSc and PhD in Forestry, (ii) MBA in Agri-Business Management, (iii) MSc and PhD in Agriculture (Entomology/Nematology), (iv) MSc and PhD in Agricultural Microbiology, (v) MSc/M.Tech and PhD in Food Science and Technology, (vi) MSc and PhD in Ag-Chemicals, (vii) MSc/M.Tech and PhD in Computer application and IT, (viii) MVSc and PhD in Veterinary Science/Animal Husbandry, (ix) MSc in Agronomy/Horticulture, M.Tech in Agricultural Engineering.

Job Location: The Neotia University Campus, Sarisa, Diamond Harbour Road, 24 Parganas (South), West Bengal – 743368

How to apply: Interested candidate may apply for the position by sending their detailed  Curriculum Vitae through email:

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