New Student Orientation Programme

Starting college/ university education can cause much anxiety in the hearts of new students and their parents because of all the unknowns. To alleviate this anxiety and give them an idea about what to expect during the next few years at this institution, The Neotia University (TNU), West Bengal organized the Orientation Programme for the 2016-17 entrants, on the 27th and 28th of July, 2016.

The Orientation Programme started with a galaxy of people including , the Chief Guests, Prof. Anuradha Mukhopadhyay, Vice Chancellor of Diamond Harbour Women’s University, West Bengal and Swami Paramananda. Prof. A.S. Kolaskar, Vice Chancellor, TNU; Dr. Sujoy Biswas, Principal of Neotia Institute of Technology, Management and Science (NITMAS); Dr. Rajeev Verma, Registrar of TNU, Mr. Amitava Banerjee, Director, Maritime Studies, TNU, and all the Faculty and Staff Members were present to interact with the students, their parents and wish them a successful stay at TNU and NITMAS.

The programme started with a short welcome address by Dr. Rajeev Verma, the Registrar of TNU. Dr. Sujoy Biswas, Principal of NITMAS, described interrelationship of ITME, NITMAS and TNU. He also talked about the various courses of NITMAS, the achievements of past students as well as teachers.

Prof. A.S. Kolaskar, in his welcome address spoke largely about the University and how the university would impart holistic education that would transform students into leaders for the Global Society. He then spoke about the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia, his vision and support as well as help of the Governing Board members for making TNU a ‘University with a Difference’. He described the different new age courses on offer at the University, parts of holistic education, the evaluation process, the salient features and benefits of Choice Based Credit system, the University’s interactions and collaborations with industry, which would increase the job and research opportunities for students, and last but not the least, he spoke about the campus facilities, well equipped laboratories and highly qualified faculty members, who would groom students to take up leadership positions in their chosen walks of life.

Swami Paramananda, started his inspirational speech, by chanting beautiful lines from the Vedic Literature. He then emphasized the fact that, in order to be successful in one’s chosen sphere of life, it is important to maintain inner peace, and to have a healthy mind, body and soul. He also pointed out that in order to achieve one’s dream, it is essential to have ‘Shraddha’ in one’s heart for himself, as well as for the work and people she or he is associated with.

Prof. Anuradha Mukhopadhyay, Vice Chancellor and Physicist, talked about how the students should choose his or her course based on their interest, and not based on any external pressure from parents or peer groups. Teachers play an important role in building the student’s interest in the subject and their career. She also stressed upon the word ‘Shraddha’ which one should hold within one’s heart and how that would take the students ahead in their life. Lastly, she praised the TNU authorities for implementing the Choice Based Credit System that would help the students to attain holistic development.

Mr. R.K.Verma, Registrar, NITMAS, offered the vote of thanks to the Guests and the gathering. Later, the students and their parents were taken around the campus tour accompanied by the faculty and staff members. A grand lunch was arranged by the university authorities for the students and parents after the tour.

The Second half of the programme provided essential information that every student and parents of TNU will require to make their stay fruitful and useful. Prof. A.S. Kolaskar, explained the Evaluation System of TNU and pointed out how it is different compared to examination system followed by other universities. He elucidated the salient features and benefits of the Choice Based Credit System at TNU mentioning that students have choice choose the degree programs up to end of second semester.

The “dos and the don’ts” that the students must follow on the campus were explained by Dr.Verma and Mr. Verma. Mr. S.K. Mukherjee, the training and placement head of both TNU and NITMAS, shared the past placement record of NITMAS and the list of companies who are recruiting our students in large numbers. He also pointed out to the students that they need to maintain good educational record, stressed the need to develop soft skills and proficient in English communication along with subject knowledge to get selected by the MNCs.

The Day ended with a question answer session between the students, parents and the university authorities.

The Second day of the programme, i.e. 28th July, 2016, started with captivating presentation by Mr. Amitava Banerjee, Director, SOM, and Captain Hemadri Ray, HOD/ Principal BNS, . The presentation focused on the hard work, discipline and proper educational record that the students need to maintain from day one of their session in order to graduate, board the ship and achieve great heights of success. The presentation also depicted the career graph of the graduates, emphasizing on the hierarchy, the examinations at each level by National agency and also the expected salary package that a marine engineer would receive.

Next, the HoDs of each department, welcomed the students, introduced their department, and talked about the faculty members, laboratory facilities, course structure and the future career prospects awaiting the students.

Highlights of post Lunch, the session was very informative talk by Mr. Sandeep Dixit,Head of Adani Centre for Research & Consulting (APTRI), Adani Power Ltd. Ahmedabad a company that collaborates with TNU in energy studies school. Mr Dixit flew from Ahmedabad only to interact with students and faculty of TNU/NITMAS. He pointed out how energy sector today needs person from Liberal arts, different enegineering disciplines such IT, Computer science, electronics, Power engineering, Civil engineering, Material science, Physics, Chemistry etc. He also stressed the need of highly innovative persons in this sector as it is changing very fast. The cost of energy production, distribution and storage can be made affordable only through innovations. He mentioned several examples such as card meters; improving solar panel efficiency by cleaning them with the help of robots; new storage devices; transmission of DC current at long distance; etc., changing the energy sector. He also explained how the Adani group has grown to 72,000 crore industry. He said his company will be happy to provide projects and on the site training to students of TNU and NITMAS. His talk was highly useful to students and parents to understand the job potential in energy sector.

Finally, the students were introduced to the Sports Department, where Mr. Neilesh Chakravarthy, spoke about Health and fitness, which are integral to the all-round development of students. He also talked about the large playgrounds at TNU, which are ideal for outdoor games like football and cricket. The institute has a cricket team which is trained and supervised by a NCA certified coach. The university also participates in several tournaments of cricket, football, and basketball, where the students can contribute. Each hostel has attached basketball and volleyball courts. The on-campus swimming pool is ideal for water-based recreation under the guidance of experienced trainers. The common room in each hostel has provision for games like table tennis, carom and chess. Apart from these, the students can also take part in several extracurricular activities such as yoga, meditation and gymnasium, dance and music classes. There are various socio cultural clubs such as, Ajantrik, Photography Club known as “Turning Lens”, Music Club and an E-commerce Club, known as E-Business School, in which the students can participate

The management and the staff members coordinated the orientation programs successfully to bring the entire University together. Students and parents found the program highly beneficial.

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