TNU is providing Counselling Sessions to Students and Faculty Members to Combat Worldwide Pandemic

Applied Psychology Department of The Neotia University (TNU) is engaged in providing Counselling Sessions to Students and Faculty Members of TNU to Combat Worldwide Pandemic.

The Department has managed to maintain its dynamic, student-friendly approach even in this pandemic crisis situation and this new approach to teaching and learning that we are having to adjust to under these changed circumstances. It was noticed that there has been a huge surge in the number of people suffering from psychological distress. The student population was one of the most affected populations because of changes in the whole system of education in addition to the deprivation in normal daily lives, considering the circumstances. The Applied Psychology Unit decided to contribute in their own way to alleviate the distress and academic stress experienced by the students of The Neotia University. The Applied Psychology Unit, The Neotia University has set up a student counseling center, to contribute in helping the students to combat issues they faced in the changing academic environment as well as other issues like academic stress, adjustment issues, depression, and anxiety spectrum conditions. Dr. Sudeshna Roy, Assistant Professor in the Applied Psychology Unit plays the role of the coordinator of the student counseling center. The counseling services are rendered by Licensed Clinical Psychologists, including myself, Anwesha Bhattacharyya, Aritrika Lahiri, Suvosree Bhattacharya, and Dr.Shivani Santosh, all of whom are faculties of the Applied Psychology Unit. The faculties have catered to the needs of the students dealing with various difficulties, for instance, academic stress, examination anxiety, internet addiction, and depression in the last many months. The students of the Applied Psychology Unit as well as other departments have got in touch with the student counseling cell and their sessions have been initiated proactively over the last many months. The database indicates that a considerable number of students have benefitted from the services of the student counseling center in the last many months.

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