World Physiotherapy Day 2020

The Department of Physiotherapy was started in the School of Health Science under the Neotia University in the last academic year of 2019-20. Despite being a very new stream in the University, it was always ensured that the students of BPT understood the role of a physiotherapist and the impact the profession had in the healthcare sector. In the previous year as well, the students of the first semester had done educational skits to showcase their views on the theme of Chronic Pain.

This year the World Council of Physical Therapy (World Physiotherapy) had declared the theme as Physiotherapy and COVID-19, keeping in mind the current pandemic that is threatening the life of every individual in the world. The Department of Physiotherapy of The Neotia University celebrated the World Physiotherapy Day on the 8th of September 2020 regardless of the countrywide lockdown of educational institutions.

The day began with the circulation of the videos to promote awareness regarding COVID-19, Hand Hygiene, and Exercise Rehabilitation during this time. Physiotherapists have been working tirelessly along with the other health care providers during these times. As it is widely known that Coronavirus primarily affects the respiratory system, the physiotherapists have been involved in the care of ICU patients, acute care patients as well as post-COVID patients. The virus has manifested itself in the other systems as well resulting in a multitude of symptoms many of which are being taken care of by a physiotherapist. The videos not only created awareness regarding the role of hand hygiene, the importance of wearing a mask, and social distancing, it also provided information for those who are spending prolonged hours in front of a computer while working from home.

The main program was kept within the confines of the Department this year since the celebrations were virtual. It started at 10.00 am and was attended by all the students and faculty members of the Department of Physiotherapy

The program was conducted by Dechen Pema Bhutia of BPT 3rd Semester. The welcome address was given by the course coordinator, Dr. Rajashree Kar (PT) who also highlighted the qualities of a good Physiotherapy professional. It was followed by a small presentation by Barqua Anwar and Tripti Ray of BPT 3rd Semester on the Role of Physiotherapy in COVID times.

The next program was a talk on Post COVID fatigue syndrome by Dr. Srijani Banerjee (PT), Faculty (Visiting), Department of Physiotherapy. A discussion on the Idea of Physiotherapy was held where students came forward to share the change in their perspective of Physiotherapy. The students also shared their experiences of playing mediators for telerehabilitation in containment zones during these times. The joy of helping others and getting to interact with patients while virtually learning the nuances of treatment protocol was quite evident. The students were constantly monitored during the telerehabilitation sessions and the sense of achievement that they experienced was a big motivation for all of us.

The program came to an end at around 1.00 pm after showing the videos which the students had prepared. To avoid making it an all work and no play process, two students of the 3rd semester, Aditi Bose and Aishani Bhowmik presented a beautiful compilation of artistic movement to a poem that gave the message of encouragement to those who were under mental distress.

The effort the students put in led to the successful commencement of the virtual celebration of World Physiotherapy Day 2020 highlighting the ability that we have to adapt to any challenge we might face and giving us hope for a better tomorrow.

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