Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim

Assistant Professor (Genetics and Breeding)

The Neotia University

Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim’s research interests lie in fish nutritional genomics & proteomics, plant-based alternatives for antibiotics, and the development of climate-resilient aquaculture systems using genome editing and nutritional intervention. his goal is to create scientific leadership in the field of fisheries biotechnology by establishing an interdisciplinary laboratory that can generate outcomes for understanding the processes involved in fish diet and gene expression & regulation.
Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim did his graduation in Fisheries Sciences from SKUAST-Kashmir after qualifying for ICAR’s AIEEA for UG and was awarded National Talent Scholarship. After completing his B.F.Sc., he took up a master’s degree in Fish Biotechnology after qualifying ICAR’s AIEEA for PG with an overall rank of 98. During his master’s degree, he identified unit stocks of Nemipterus japonics fish from the west coast of India using both genetic and morphological markers. Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim’s traveled extensively throughout five coastal states of India (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala) and gained a ton of experience with the Indian culture. While sampling I got to know how fisheries and aquaculture sustain the livelihood of the fishermen community on the west coast.
Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim’s worked on NFDB funded project on Disease surveillance of Aquatic Animals for more than a year before he joined his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, SKUASTK. Animal Biotechnology was his major and to pursue his research interest in aquaculture and nutrition, Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim took fish nutrition as one of the minor subjects and decided to work on a research problem that may solve the problem of AMR and feed costs in the Rainbow trout aquaculture industry.
Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim’s completed his Ph.D. in 2022, he has used qPCR to identify the role of plant extract in immune modulation. This work has allowed him to develop functional & cost-effective feed for Rainbow trout. In addition to doing his wet lab experiments at Kokernag Trout Hatchery, State Fisheries Department J&K he took the opportunity to learn about breeding, nutrition, and rearing for Rainbow trout & Brown Trout fishes. The 3-month hands-on training has helped me to understand a ton about the breeding and growth of Rainbow trout. He gained extensive knowledge in conducting wet-lab experiments using live fish models and techniques such as gene expression analysis, gel electrophoresis, in-silico analysis of plant-derived bioactive compounds, biochemical assays, and bioinformatics.
During these tenures, Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim has published more than 10 research articles in national & international peer-reviewed journals which are very well cited (Citations: 238, h-Index: 6). Apart from these, he has positively contributed to writing book chapters, abstracts, and popular articles. Additionally, he had the opportunity to develop his network and collaborate with researchers from premier research institutes in India and abroad, including the ICAR-DCFR, NBFGR-National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources Lucknow, ICAR-CIFE Mumbai, CoF Ratnagiri, Nord University, Norway, and University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Furthermore, throughout my career, he has been honored with awards and scholarships. Just to mention a few, he was awarded ICAR’s SRF for PG. he was the only candidate from animal sciences who was awarded UGC’s MANF for the year 2017. He has also gained recognition as a reviewer for peer-reviewed international journals.
Dr. Mudasir Maqsood Hakim’s current role here at TNU is university teaching (biotechnology, bioinformatics, fish breeding, and aquaculture), research, and extension.
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