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Item Description

Description: ARM Cortex-M3 NXP LPC 1768 Development board : LPC1768 ARM Cortex M3 Development Board. The NXP LPC1768 is an easy-to-use MCU development board designed for rapid prototyping.It is a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor running upto 100 MHz with 512 KB flash and 32 KB RAM, which makes it far more capable than popular 8-bit prototyping alternatives.

Keil MCBSTM32f400-ED Board

Description: The Keil MCBSTM32F400 Evaluation Board enables you to create and test working programs based on the STMicroelectronics STM32 F4xx series of ARM Cortex™-M4 processor-based devices.

Keil MCB1760 ED Board

Description: he Keil MCB1760 Evaluation Board introduces the new NXP LPC1760 family of ARM Cortex-M3 processor-based devices, allowing you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture. The MCB1760 has a wide range of interfaces making it a great starting point for your next Cortex-M3 project.

4 DOF Robot

Description: The end effector, or robotic hand, can be designed to perform any desired task such as welding, gripping, spinning etc., depending on the application. For example, robot arms in automotive assembly lines perform a variety of tasks such as welding and parts rotation and placement during assembly.

Line Follower Robot

Description: The line follower robot is a mobile machine that can detect and follow the line drawn on the floor. Generally, the path is predefined and can be either visible like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasted color or it can be invisible like a magnetic filed.

Rasberry Pi Model B Rasp-pi-3

Description: The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B builds upon the features of its predecessors with a new, faster processor on board to increase its speed. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy capabilities to enhance the functionality and the ability to power more powerful devices over the USB ports.

D-link Dcs-p6000lh Mini Hd Wifi Camera

Description: The DCS-P6000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera is a compact wireless network camera suitable for day and night time environments. It features built-in night vision, motion and sound detection, and a free mobile app — so you can feel at ease when you’re away from home.

Anet A8 3d Printer

Description: Anet A8 is the best companion to embark on the blissful world of 3D printing. Understand the entire process of 3D printing while building your own printer from scratch.

DJI Drone

Description: DJI is a world-leading manufacturer of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly known as “drones”) for aerial photography and videography. It also designs and manufactures camera gimbals, action cameras, camera stabilizers, flight platforms and propulsion systems and flight control systems.

X-Y Plotter

Description: An X–Y plotter is a plotter that operates in two axes of motion (“X” and “Y”) in order to draw continuous vector graphics. The term was used to differentiate it from standard plotters which had control only of the “y” axis, the “x” axis being continuously fed to provide a plot of some variable with time.

Humanoid Robot

Description: A humanoid robot is a robot with its overall appearance based on that of the human body. In general humanoid robots have a torso with a head, two arms and two legs, although some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body, for example, from the waist up.

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