Student Grievance Form

Sl. No. Name Designation
2 Mr. Suhas Mukherjee, Head Student Affairs Chairman
3 Dr. Bidisha Mondal, Assistant Prof.,   School Agriculture. and Allied Science Member
4 Dr. Prosun Tribedi, Assistant Prof.,  School of Life Science Member
5 Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Assistant Prof.,   School of Humanities, Management and Social Science Member

Functions of the Cell:

  • The Chairperson and Members of the committee shall have a term of two years.
  • The quorum for the meetings shall be three, including Chairperson.
  • The Cell shall follow the principles of natural justice while deciding the grievances.
  • The Cell shall send the report and the recommendations to the Vice Chancellor within in a period of 15 workings days from the date of receipt of grievance.
  • The Cell shall provide a copy of the report to the aggrieved person(s).

    I hereby declare that the information provided above is correct. I shall be responsible for furnishing any wrong information.

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