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TNU is relatively new in its present configuration, but has its antecedents in the 16 year old institution called Neotia Institute of Technology, Management and Science (NITMAS), from where we have more than 3000 Alumni working successfully in their chosen walks of life, across the world.

I was selected by Wipro Technologies through on campus placement processes, where I worked for 2 years and thereafter joined IFMR, Chennai, for my MBA which I am currently pursuing.
ITME(NITMAS) was the best experience of my life. I made friends who are still with me & learnt lessons which have guided me in my chosen walk of life. The Professors were always ready to help and guide us. This helped us a lot in clearing our doubts before the exams. College fest and other cultural events gave us a lot of opportunities to participate & enjoy. The campus was huge with all facilities and infrastructure. It was a wonderful learning experience for me.

Vedika Badlani, Computer Science, 2007


I am currently working as 4th Engineer in Wilhelmsen Ship Management.
A boy steps inside college and a man steps out of it. Well this was the case with me too, indeed. ITME provided the platform on which we students could grow and carve niche in this competitive world. As for me, I have spent some of the best years of my life here. Met wonderful people, made good friends & had lots of fun. As far as the technical& educational side is concerned we had very good professors and faculty members under whom we thrived & became competent enough to step out into our work field with confidence.

Anurag Tamret, Marine Engineering, 2005


I am working as a Business Analyst for LabVantage Solutions Inc in New Jersey, USA. I joined LabVantage, at its Kolkata office through campus placement processes from ITME (NITMAS). Here Iworked as a Management Trainee then moved ahead to pursue my higher studies. I went to Singapore to pursue MBA, and rejoinedLabVantage. Later, I was transferred to LabVantage’s HQ in the US and have settled down here.
I belong to the first batch of ITME,enrolled myself into the IT department in 2002. After few months in the IT department, ITME gave us an opportunity to change departments.I decided to move to the Biotechnology Department as it was the next big thing going to take over the industry in 10-15 years. So the knowledge of two domains helped me land a job at LabVantage Solutions.

Harmeet Singh Sethi, Biotechnology, 2002


I am currently working withMediterranean shipping company SA: MSC as a 5th engineer.Studying in NITMAS has been a great experience. I can never forget thegolden days which I have experienced with my friends. We had a lot of fun along with studies which helped me to be successful and be employed today. Thanks NITMAS forwonderful 4 years college life and a successful career.

Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Marine Engineering, 2007


I am currently working with Schlumberger as Senior Software Engineer and Production Operation Engineer, my job involves developing software for Oil and Gas production operation clients.
NITMAS prepared me to face the world, it has acted as the base for my budding career path. It is the place where I have received guidance, knowledge and education along with a chance to keep my hobbies alive. Through campus placement I got into L&T Infotech which was my 1st company. I have come a long way since then.

Prachi Bhattacharya, Information Technology, 2004


I have pursued my Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Now I am moving ahead in life as a Research Associate, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
NITMAS has laid the foundation for shaping my career &personality. I feel blessed to have got such brilliant professors under whose guidance I have flourished. Besides that, NITMAS has also given me valuable experiences that I would always cherish.

Narsing Kumar Jha, Marine Engineering, 2007


I was working with Wipro for more than two years before joining TCS in the month of January last year. Presently I am working as a Solution Provider in Customer Relationship Management Domain. I have to travel a lot within and outside India and I make all visit purposes a success owing to the knowledge I have summoned from "NITMAS" (ITME). While in school I was always in a search for a Quality Graduate Course in Technology where I could keep a balance of hobbies and studies so that I don’t have to compromise with either. NITMAS had provided me that freedom. Study materials (Book Bank) were excellent and online and offline doubt clearing sessions by professors were awesome. I keep getting better offers from other organizations across the globe. Thanks to NITMAS."

Avik Laha, Information Technology, 2010


I am on ship of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) whose offshore H.O is located in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. I am working as a Junior Engineer.MSC is 2nd world largest shipping company.
NITMAS has played a major role in my life. My faculties helped me to identify various manifested qualities within me. I am really grateful to my college that it provided meexperiential learning to discover myself and got enriched day by day. I feel very proud to be a part of ITME family.

Aniruddh Mishra, Marine Engineering, 2008


I am currently working with Infosys Technology. NITMAS prepared me to take up leadership roles in life. The support and guidance of my Professors and friends, the facilities, infrastructure and experiential learning played a big role in my career establishment today. The most important opportunity that NITMAS offered me was the campus recruitment drive. This place would always hold a special place for me in my life.

Aritra Talukdar, Electronics and Communication, 2008


I am a CISCO Certified Network Associate. I am working at AT&T Communication Services India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore as Senior Specialist Network Support Event Manager in IP Security Control Plane Fault Management Team.
My experience at NITMAS had enriched my life in many ways. It provided me with the necessary knowledge to enhance my skills. Me to become more successful person in life. My professors have thinking critically and asking questions in many situations. All these aspects have also made me better-rounded as a person.

Diganta Rath, Electronics & Communication Engineering, 2009


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