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Both TNU and NITMAS are diligent in their pursuit of excellence and their aim to attain holistic development by ensuring that the education provided is contemporary and experiential through partnerships with industries and other academic institutes.  

I chose to study Applied Psychology from the point of time I was in High School, and the University gave me the perfect platform to do so. I was looking for a course which would suit the current market requirements, and The University had exactly that. The Faculty are just great, more like a family, and we share an excellent relation with our classmates and seniors alike. The Campus is beautiful, clean and green, and though it is away from the City, the plus points far outweigh the minuses.



It’s a lovely, lush green, beautiful Campus, the best place to be at, and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves hanging out, and of course, pursuing the course. The student-teacher relationship is excellent, and we are like a family- the Faculty are helpful and supportive, we are currently doing our internship at the Chittaranjan Hospital, Kolkata, full credit for which goes to the University. The only downside would be the distance of the University from the City, but excellent AC Bus services ensure that we have a comfortable and stress-free journey



I like my Campus a lot, and in spite of the fact that it is away from the City, the quality of education that we get here and the facilities and infrastructure go a long way to make up for it. I have chosen Robot Manufacturing because I believe that automation will play a vital role in Industry and Academics, the Faculty are very approachable, co-operative and friendly and are always willing to help. I love participating in the various Sports and Cultural Events too.



I enjoy learning and participating in the various sports and co-curricular activities at the Campus. We have excellent faculty who guide us at every step, making learning enjoyable and interesting. I am also able to follow my passion for Photography at our Photography Club, and the Campus is an ideal place to photograph natural scenic beauty, flora and fauna. Hostel life is a lot of fun, the facilities are great, and I love being a part of this University.



We study Mechanical Engineering at this Institute. We are very happy with the excellent facilities provided for us by way of Infrastructure, Faculty and Hostels. We love our Hostel Life which is loaded with fun, the food is excellent, and there is a scope for everyone who wants to follow a passion, be it games, sports, photography or music. We are members of the Cricket Team which has won several Championships over the years. We have excellent sports infrastructure with 3 Basket Ball Courts, 2 large playfields, a full-size swimming pool, Table Tennis, Badminton and Carom facilities. We love being a part of this Institute/ University



The Campus is serene, beautiful and lush-green with good Hostels and great infrastructure. The Faculty are very good and the people on Campus are very friendly, making this a home- away- from home. I love our Music Room as I am an avid musician and we have our own College Band- we perform in a number of Fests and Events and enjoy ourselves thoroughly. We have regular classes and practicals, and our Faculty helps us a great by taking extra-classes to improve our grey areas. I love the Institute.

ROHIT BANERJEE, Marine Engineering, 2007


We are proud and privileged to be a part of the School of Maritime Studies under one of the best mentors we could possibly have. The training is rigorous, tough and discipline oriented, but we realize that it is for our good, as it will help us to become excellent Marine Engineers. We learn a lot practically at our Ship-On Campus, and we are eagerly looking forward to the beginning of our “ Free-Fall Lifeboat Project. The facilities offered by the Institute are great and we enjoy ourselves on Campus.



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