Ph.D Programmes

Ph.D Programmes Offered by School of Studies Eligibility
Engineering and Applied Sciences A Master’s degree in Arts, Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Psychology, Biotechnology or Business, Management and Agriculture, etc. with ≥ 55% marks or minimum ‘B’ grade for unreserved category of students and ≥ 50% marks or equivalent grade for reserved category students


Agriculture and Allied Sciences
Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

AmbujaNeotia Group, with a strong sense of social commitment, extends its capabilities towards the development of education. The Neotia family started its journey in education with Neotia Institute of Technology Management and Science (NITMAS), previously known as Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering (ITME), a college established in 2002, affiliated to the then West Bengal University of Technology, which is now known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT). The Neotia University (TNU) was established vide the West Bengal State Government Act XXIII of 2014. Though TNU is relatively new in its present configuration, it has its antecedents in the 17 years old institution.

TNU is diligent to pursuit of excellence and aims to attain holistic development of its students by fostering a truly inspirational academic environment and ensure that the education provided is contemporary and experiential through partnership with industries and other academic institutions of importance.

Starting its PhD programme in 2017, TNU currently offers Ph.D programmes across its five different schools. The admission to Ph.D programmes is in concurrence with rules and regulations set by UGC.

Applicants interested to join Ph.D program may adhere to the following,

Application Form for Ph.D Admission 2020-21

Application Guidelines for Ph.D Admission 2020-21

Ph.D Programme Fee Structure

Ph.D Admission Ad Design

Admission Procedure

Applications shall be invited through announcements by the University preferably twice in a year at the time of semester begins. The interested applicant/s may submit the application for the admission in Ph.D. programme to the Registrar Office of the University. The concerned application shall be sent to the Research and Development (R&D) committee from the Registrar Office. R&D committee shall get in touch with the Controller of Examination section to conduct the admission entrance test (written mode). In the entrance test, the 50% question shall be set from the research methodology and the other 50% question shall be set from the concerned subject/s. The applicants scoring ≥ 55% marks in the admission entrance test shall be called for interview. The R&D committee shall constitute the panel of experts in order to conduct the interview. On the basis of the performance of the candidate in the interview, the candidate may be considered for the enrollment in the Ph.D program of the university.

Expert Committees

At the end of every six months, candidate’s research progress shall be evaluated by the research advisory committee (RAC)created for each scholar. RAC shall suggest ways to improve the quality of research work of the scholar. RAC shall be made by considering five faculty members in which one expert must be from outside of TNU. The report of RAC shall be submitted to the R&D committee. The R&D committee shall keep the records and further shall forward the same to COE.

Career & Research Opportunities

The Doctoral Programme at The Neotia University equips candidates to indulge with equal prowess in careers involving research, academia or industry expertise.For those inclined towards a research career, several positions are available in research institutions and universities. For those who wish to pursue a teaching career, well-paying teaching positions are available in plenty in public and private funded higher educational institutions.

In TNU, we put our Ph.D scholars to experience the state of the art research ambience. In TNU, we practice to create a meaningful bridge between theoretical ideas and practical observations. We used to put special emphasis on research methodology to train the scholars regarding the commitment and dedication required to design experiments and analyse the observations. The PhD scholars are oriented in such a way so that they become competent and confident after the completion of the Ph.D program.

The addition of a Ph.D to a resume is two-fold: knowledge and skills. Any job can utilize either of these to different extent.Let us look at the common career options.Traditionally, the most preferred jobs for Ph.Ds have been industrial R&D Labs, college and university positions, and start-ups.

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