University Funded Projects

University Sponsored Research Project (Phase 1)

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Name of the Academic Unit Title of the Project Sanction No.
1. Dr. Manashi Chakraborty (PI) Chemistry Improving multiferroicity with RGO/GO/Graphene based Nano composites R&D/2020/F1
2. Dr. Prosun Tribedi (PI) Biotechnology Leucine, a natural amino acid inhibits the biofilm development of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a promising approach to manage the biofilm challenge R&D/2020/F2
3. Dr. Amit Sarkar (PI) Biotechnology Baseline study on prevalence of pathogenic, multi drug resistant Vibrio parahaemolyticus in marine and fresh water fish from Diamond Harbour area andmolecular characterization of their virulence genes R&D/2020/F3
4. Prof. (Dr.) Malay Kumar Samanta (PI) Pharmacy Validation of Eupatorium Triplinerve vahl. on probable regeneration of endogenous ß cells leads to the restoration of insulinsecretion and normalization of hyperglycaemia in type-I diabetes R&D/2020/F4
5. Dr. Sruba Saha (PI) Prof. Sushil Kothari (Co-PI) Agriculture Evaluation of sesame germplasm on the basis of different yield and yield attributing traits under saline condition in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. R&D/2020/F5
6. Dr. Bidisha Mondal (PI) Agriculture Estimation and characterization of essential oil from the surplus leaves of Betel vines (Piper betel L.) for effective waste management and enhancement of rural employability and economy of South Bengal. R&D/2020/F6
7. Dr. Sarthak Bhattacharya (PI) Agriculture Evaluation of recently developed high yielding vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides L.) varieties in salinity affected South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. R&D/2020/F7
8. Dr. Ankush Ghosh (PI) Robotics To study the feasibility of spintronic devices and its impacts on VLSI/ULSI circuits for the realization of low power and high speed digital systems for medical and space applications R&D/2020/F8
9. Dr. Shibam Saha


Fishery Pilot scale trial on development of a feeding strategy in cage culture of GIFT- Tilapia (Oreochromis mosambicus) R&D/2020/F9
10 Prof. Supriyo Chatterjee (PI) Optometry Prevalence of uncorrected hypermetropia among The Neotia University students R&D/2020/F10
11 Prof. (Dr.) Niloy Sarkar (PI) Hospital Management A study on successful medical tourism in India R&D/2020/F11


University Sponsored Research Project (Phase 2)

Sl. No Name of PI Academic Unit Name of Co- PI Academic Unit Title of the grant Reference No. Fund Claimed (INR) Date of Implementation
1 Dr. Abhijit Samanta Chemistry Dr. Ayan Chatterjee Mathematics Evaluation of Biodegradation of Surfactants during Surfactant-Amended Remediation of Contaminated Soil TNU/R&D/M P/2021/001 60,000 05.04.2022
Dr. Sourav Mullick Agriculture
2 Dr. Ankush Ghosh Robotics and Automation Dr. Sushil Kumar Kothari Agriculture RFID in Avian Influenza hazards- A Case Study for Design & Implementation of a RFID based device for Early Bird flu Detection and Cost-Effective Poultry Management TNU/R&D/M P/2021/002 70,000 05.04.2022
3 Dr. Manashi Chakraborty Chemistry Dr. Debajyoti De (On Lien)& Dr.
Shankha Koley
Physics & Agriculture Exploring the potential of nanoengineered fertilizers and pesticides for sustainable agricultural applications TNU/R&D/M P/2021/006 60,000 05.04.2022
4 Dr. Poulomi Chakraborty Biotechnology Prof. Bharat Chandra Saha Agriculture Application of Biotechnology relevant bio film-forming organisms to soil: A unique and potential approach for the sustainable
development of agricultural practice
TNU/R&D/M P/2021/008 60,000 05.04.2022
5 Dr. Prashant Shukla Biotechnology Prof. Bharat Chandra Saha Agriculture Development of suspension culture of Rauwolfia serpentina for secondary metabolite production through elicitation TNU/R&D/M P/2021/009 60,000 05.04.2022
6 Dr. Narahari Narayan Palei Pharmacy Dr. Arghya Kusum Dhar Pharmacy Co delivery of Erlotinib and Curcumin loaded PEGylated Magnetic nanostructured lipid carriers for the treatment of lungs cancer: Formulation and in vitro cytotoxicity studies TNU/R&D/M P/2021/016 55,000 05.04.2022
Dr. Debajyoti De (Lien) Physics
7 Dr. Sarita Sarkar Biotechnology Dr. Subhasis Mondal Pharmacy Action of antimicrobial peptide against multidrug resistant bacteria TNU/R&D/M P/2021/017 60,000 05.04.2022
8 Dr. Prosun Tribedi Biotechnology Dr. Subhasis Mondal Pharmacy To study the antibiofilm activity of cuminaldehyde against the microbial biofilm of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: A study of pharmacological
importance and relevance
TNU/R&D/M P/2021/010 60,000 05.04.2022
9 Dr. Prabin Jha Robotics and Automation NA NA Design of Autonomous Tractor TNU/R&D/MP/2021/011 60,000 11.10.2022
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