Student Clubs

Club Marine

This club was form at the inception of the Marine and BNS courses and exists under School of Maritime Studies and OIC sports comprising BNS and Marine Cadets. The Club organizes various sports and cultural events within the BNS and Marine Engineering stream throughout the year like cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, carom and chess events as well as cultural activities like art exhibition, face painting, poster exhibition, elocution, debates and essay writing are also organized by them. It conducts the National Maritime Day Program on 5th of April every year. The Cadets, in full uniform, organize March Past, as a token of respect and reverence to seamen who has lost their lives on duty.

Tech-Niche Club

The Technical Club has been form since the inception of the Technology & Technical related courses. All through the year, the club conducts various activities like seminars, presentations and lectures pertaining to the Technology subject. Exhibitions on gadgetry, software engineering, robotics and gaming conditions are conducted by the Club. Guest lecturers & Industry Experts are also invited from external organizations to give speeches. The Club is significant for facilitating and conducting SANKALP, the Technical Fest of TNU/ NITMAS which is a high budget yearly affair, involving major sponsors and leading Engineering Colleges in West Bengal.

Turning Lens

The budding photographers from all streams have formed the photography club. The club participates in various photography competitions and on a regular basis hold displays and exhibitions of outstanding pieces of Photography throughout the year. Several photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines as well. The club is connected to Kolkata Turning Lens Peoples Society, and has student members from their as well.

Ajantrik Club

The Cultural Club comprises student from all streams. The club forms the Cultural Committee of the University, and organizes several sport, culture and welfare activities throughout the year. Teaching poor children of adjoining villages and conducting Blood Donation Camps are among the major charitable and welfare activities performed by the club. The club also conducts various cultural activities, like Dance Competitions, Band Performances, Music Sessions, Debates, Elocution, Essay Writing, Jam Sessions, and Recitations and supervises the celebration of memorable dayes like Republic day, Independence Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Bhasha Divas, Saraswati Puja, Janamashtami, Deepavali, Christmas, and Iftaar during Ramzan. IMPULSE, a high budget Annual Fest of TNU/NITMAS is organized by this club with support of the management and involvement of major sponsors and leading Colleges in Kolkata and West Bengal.


This Music and Drama Club organizes and facilitates Cultural Programmes at the Intra and Inter Collegiate levels. The club holds auditions for all drama, dance and music events which are performed/ participated in by the University at the Inter Collegiate Meets and Fests. The high point of the Club was in 2012 when IMPULSE Intercollegiate Fest was held on Campus & participating in IIT Spring Fest competing against 50 strong teams.

Eco-Sphere (Nature Club)

The Nature Club is proposed to be started very soon, with a motive of planting more trees, maintaining ecological balance in the campus, conserving natural flora and fauna, holding awareness campaigns and programmes related to eco-friendliness, hygiene, cleanliness and nature conservation within the Campus.

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship/ business Club encourages students to come up with business ideas and proposals, which are discussed in open forums, in presence of professionals and experts. Case studies and field assignments are also encouraged, through practical sessions and demonstrations. Entrepreneurs are the role models for today’s young India, this club collaborates with several industrial experts to make West Bengal a hub of Industrial activities.

Cine Club

The Cine Club of The Neotia University have been formed with lots of enthusiasm and passion. The club members have already produced two short films (Mirror and Adrishya) and immensely appreciated by eminent personalities across the society. They are working very hard to shot and produce more creative, meaning and value added films that will have positive impact in our University and the society as a whole.

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