Sl. No Title of the Grant Name of the PI Name of the Co-PI (if any) Name of the
 Funding Agency
File no/Sanction no Fund Sanctioned
(if any) (Rs.)
Ongoing /Completed
1 Bioenergy and H2 Map Prof. (Dr) Biswajit Ghosh
(Hon’ble Vice Chancellor)
NA DST, GOI DST/TMD/IC-MAP/2K20/02 64,50,200 Ongoing
2 Strategy development for the applications of biofertilizers
into the soil to increase the soil fertility: An efficient way to substitute the hazardous chemical fertilizer application
Dr. Prosun Tribedi NA SERB, DST, GOI YSS/2015/000387 23,20,000 Completed
3 Studies on improving multiferroicity with RGO/GO/Graphene based nanocomposites. Dr. Manashi Chakraborty Dr. Debajyoti De,
Assistant Professor of Physics (Lien), SST, TNU
UGC-DAE CSR CRS/2021-22/02/492 45,000 Ongoing
4 Dependence of Exchange Bias on Interparticle Interaction Dr. Debajyoti De (Lien) Dr. Manashi Chakraborty SERB, DST, GOI EMR/2017/001195 36,32,145 Completed
5 Studies on Exchange Bias effect in combination of ‘core-shell’ and ‘inverted core-shell’ structures Dr. Debajyoti De (Lien) Dr. Manashi Chakraborty UGC-DAE CSR CRS/2021-22/02/503 45,000 Ongoing
6 Effect of A-site sophisticated disorder on the Electromagnetic properties of ‘A-site ordered RBaMn2O6 (R= rare earth)’ perovskite. Dr. Kalyanashis De Not Applicable UGC-DAE UDCSR/MUM/CD/CRS-M-254/2017/1024 1,35000 Completed
7 Development of Antiferromagnetic Heusler alloys Ru2MnZ (Z= Sn, Sb, Ge, Si) for spintronics applications Dr. Kalyanashis De Not Applicable SERB, DST TAR/2022/000148 16,50,000 Ongoing
8 Training Programme HS Murthy, Chair Professor, Division of Fisheries Science Not Applicable NATIONAL FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT BOARD NFDB/HRD/Trg/NEOTIA-University/WestBengal/2022-2023/1943 5,33,000 Ongoing
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