Celebrated World Maritime Day by School of Maritime Studies

World Maritime Day

The Neotia University, School of Maritime Studies celebrated World Maritime Day on 29 th
September 2023 by holding a seminar on “ MARPOL AT 50 “ and a poster competition on Marine
Environment Pollution.
The seminar was inaugurated through a lighting lamp by the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Chief Guest Capt.
D. Basu and Special guest Capt. Nilesh Jethwa.
In his opening speech, respected Vice Chancellor explained how the emission from fossil fuels
changing the environment for which there is an urgent need to look for an alternative fuel and
hence, in the Shipping sector, lots of research going on over alternative fuels like hydrogen/bio-
fuel to curb the emission.
Director, School of Maritime Studies encouraged the students to be disciplined, committed,
mentally strong and to join the Merchant Navy with an inherent pride of being the best.
Chief Guest Capt. Basu clarified in his speech how the world felt the need for a strong regulatory
a regime like MARPOL subsequent to a large oil spill from a ship and went on to explain how MARPOL
became the most important international instrument.
Special guest Capt. Jethwa emphasized the need for seafarer mental health and spoke from his
experience how to combat various challenges on board.
Various speakers enlighten the audience by various innovations & technology developments to
reduce the risk of Marine pollution.
Cadets presented their creative posters on MARPOL and drew large appreciation from the audience.
The seminar ended with prize distribution and a vote of thanks by HOD – MRE.

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