Fish Farmers Day Celebration

The National Fish Farmers Day was celebrated by The Division of Fisheries Science at The
Neotia University on 12 th July, 2023. Prof Biswajith Gosh, Vice Chancellor, Dr Manish,
Registrar of The Neotia University, Rajarshi Chattopadhayay, Senior Vice President of Anmol
Feeds Pvt Ltd, Kolkata participated in the program.
Prof H Shivananda Murthy, Chair Professor/Dean welcomed dignitaries and the gathering gave
an insight to the significance of the Fish Farmers Day Celebration, highlighting the break
through achieved in induced breeding of Indian major carps for the first time in captivity in the
country during 10 th July, 1957. During the occasion, Mr Israfil Mondal, a progressive and
enterprising Fish Farmer was awarded with Best Fish Farmer Award, while Kanyanagar Society
for Community Empowerment, was presented with Best Ornamental Fish Producing Society. A
good number fish, farmers, faculty and students attended the program.

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