Assistant Professor, Robotics and Automation

The Neotia University

Mr. Zaman is currently working as an Assistant Professor at The Neotia University, Kolkata. He has more than 7 years of teaching as well as more than 4 years of research experience. He has a dozen of research publications in some reputed International Journals, prestigious conference Proceedings, and prominent research-oriented Books. His research interests include RWSNs, Modeling, and Simulations of Robotic Systems and Intelligent Mechatronics. Mr. Zaman has served as a reviewer in a couple of reputed international journals. He has organized and participated in various Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences in the field of Automation. He is a member of I.E.E.E. and I.E.E.E Young Professionals. He is also the Honorary Rosalind Member of the London Journal Press.

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