BNS Laboratory

Bridge Navigation Simulator

Description: The bridge simulators and ECDIS suites are used for training deck officers in the use of radar, ECDIS, automatic radar plotting aids and other electronic aids to maintain safety of navigation.

Seamanship Lab

Description: Seamanship Lab is a specialized lab to enable the trainees to recognize the different parts of the vessel as well as the equipments used on ships and rigging gear. marine navigation. (navigation) The process of directing the movements of watercraft from one point to another; the process, always present in some form when a vessel is under way and not drifting, varies with the type of craft, its mission, and its area of operation.

Fire Control Lab

Description: The Fire Control Plan is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS convention described in Regulation 15 of Chapter II. The fire control plan provides us information about fire station on each deck of the ship, on various bulkheads, and in spaces enclosed by “A” class division, “B” class divisions.

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