Career Counselling Initiatives for Law Students

Career Counselling Initiatives for Law Students

14 Aug 2023
By - School of Legal Studies (SOLS), TNU

Career Counselling Initiatives for Law Students

School of Legal Studies (SOLS), The Neotia University (TNU) conducts mock interviews, soft skills and communication development training sessions as part of its career counselling initiative for law students. School of Legal Studies has conducted various such sessions for the holistic development of the students to make them industry –ready.

Conducting Mock Interview for Students

To assess and train the final year students in the art and skills of participating in an interview process, School of Legal Studies collaborated with the Central Placement Unit of The Neotia University to organize a Mock Interview for the students on May 29,2023. Dr Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dean, School of Legal Studies, Ranjana Chattopadhyay and Chirantan Ghosh were the panellists of this mock interview session.

Importance of Mock Interviews

Such interviews play a very important role in preparing the graduating students for their actual job interviews and at the same time assessing their scope of employability. Students are required to develop certain attributes and skills   expected from a lawyer. At the same time, expressing them in a brief and concise manner is the key to impress prospective employers. As employers need to assess the qualities of candidates quickly within a short-stipulated time.

Nature of Mock Interviews

The Mock Interview was simulated with accurate depiction of interviewers by the panellists. The participants were asked a number of questions related to the legal profession in order to facilitate the demonstration of their knowledge and skills. The questions included enquiring about personal details, educational details, knowledge of law; drafting, writing, oratory and reasoning skill while noting their ability to respond to the questions. The panel tested the confidence, demeanour and etiquettes which a lawyer must possess.

Outcome of the Mock Interview

The students performed satisfactorily during the whole process. They received detailed feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the students also received suggestions from the panellists regarding the necessary attributes, skills and knowledge that would be required to improve their performance during the actual interviews for the purpose of acing a job.


Seminar by the School of Legal Studies

The Department made significant contributions to develop the soft skills and communication skills of the students.  One such initiative was conducting a one-day seminar on “Innovation and Challenges in Intellectual Property Rights: Recent Trends in Research and Entrepreneurship” in the recent past. The event was graced by Dr. Biswajit Ghosh, Hon. Vice-Chancellor, TNU, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dean, SOLS and Senior Advocate Biswajit Sarkar. The purpose of this event was to engage the students with industry experts and learn the technical aspects of IPR.

Other Initiatives for Career Facilitation

School of Legal Studies (SOLS) has also conducted several classes on soft skills, language and communication for the final year students. The students were imparted training on methods and tools of communication, alongside the value of empathy, time management, teamwork and leadership in their profession. SOLS conducted a workshop on participation in Youth Parliament on March 10, 2023. This workshop aimed at inculcating the students with speaking and listening skills, leadership, time management, empathy, work ethics, professionalism and etiquettes.

Nurturing Industry-Readiness with Continuous Career Guidance

School of Legal Studies (SOLS), The Neotia University aims at providing holistic development of students to make them industry-ready. The students are provided with career guidance after a comprehensive and scientific assessment of their core strengths, weaknesses, skill sets, and attributes during mock interviews and career-counselling sessions. Recommendations are provided ranging from litigation practice to in-house counsel work for aspiring law professionals.  The Neotia University (TNU) through the School of Legal Studies provides a 360 support for placement and internships to the students in collaboration with the Central Placement Unit.

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