Department Of Physics

Equipment Name: Laser Diffraction Set Up

Equipment Name: Carry Foster’s bridge Set Up

Description: The Carey Foster Bridge is an electrical circuit that can be used to measure very small resistances. It works on the same principle as Wheatstone’s bridge works.

Equipment Name: Thermo Electric Power Set Up

Material Science Research Lab of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has been established by a SERB-DST, GOI sponsored project. It is a well equipped synthesis lab with facilities of synthesizing all types of bulk and nanomaterials. Here we present a brief description of its state of the art facilities.

Equipment Name: Three Zone Tube Furnace

Description: This instrument can be used to fabricate a versatile range of crystalline sample of size from nano to bulk. Depending upon the gas under which the sample is heated to form a crystalline structure, it is possible to create both metal and metal oxide sample. The furnace in our laboratory can reach temperature up to 1000℃ with rate 4℃/minute. It has three temperature zones whose temperature can be controlled using three different temperature controllers with 7 step programming.

Equipment Name: Fume Hood

Description: This arrangement is mainly used as a clean room where the samples can be synthesized in controlled and clean environment. It restricts unwanted particles responsible for inducing impurities in the samples. It is also possible to fabricate nanoparticles in a particular gaseous environment like nitrogen, oxygen, argon and vacuum inside the fume hood.

Equipment Name: Ultrasonic Cleaner With Heater Thermostat

Description: This instrument is used to prepare solution similar to magnetic rotor and it is also used to produce homogeneous dispersion of prepared particles. Three different types of sonication waves can be introduced in this instrument. It can reach temperature up to 80℃. It is also used to clean substrates for thin film preparations.

Equipment Name: Analytical Balance

Description: It is used to measure the weight of the raw material using which synthesis process starts. Analytical balance in our lab can measure the weight of the sample with a precession of 10-4g.

Equipment Name: Vacuum Oven

Description: A vacuum drying oven is most often used for delicate drying processes, such as drying tiny parts or removing flammable solvents. The low pressure environment also minimizes oxidation during drying. A standard vacuum oven can operate at temperatures as high as 200C to 250C.

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