By - Dr. Bidisha Mondal, Assistant Professor, School of Agriculture & Allied Science

Plants are our best buddies. Our journey from birth to bereavement is accompanied by them. Is it sounding mystical, metaphysical? Then let’s start a voyage into the curious and captivating world of plant science. In material life apart from food products, plants are part of our residence, furniture, transport, medicine, and leisure. Could you imagine a lazy winter afternoon, sitting inside a blooming phlox garden and playing the flute?

By - Dr. Poulomi Chakrborty, Teaching Associate, Biotechnology, School of Science & Technology

Strong immunity is the key to a healthy body.  Our daily activities are the impactful determiners to the strength of our individual immunity.  There are several reasons behind the reduction of our resistance property towards several infections and diseases such as poor diet, mental stress, inadequate sleep, obesity, lack of physical activities, and of course neglecting nutrient-rich food.

By - Vivek Anand, Hospitality Faculty, School of Hospitality and Culinary Art

The hospitality industry is a very vast field and it holds a number of opportunities for the ones pursuing it. The changing world and advancements in the areas of technology, health, social media, etc have incorporated some new emerging trends in the industry. It is very important for each and every person dreaming of a bright career in hospitality to have ample knowledge about these trends in the industry.

By - Atrayee Bandyopadhyay, Teaching Associate, Dept. of Hospital Management, School of Humanities, Management & Sciences

Quality is an inseparable part of our lives. Whenever we do any task, we buy a certain item or provide a service, The Concept of Quality in mingled with every nuance of our daily lives.

By - Dr. Ankush Ghosh, Associate Professor and HOD, Robotics & Automation, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, governments across the globe have attempted to strictly implement social distancing measures, bringing the reality of the new normal into our daily lives and even our work culture. 

By - Samridhya Moitra Teaching Associate, English Department

William Wordsworth, one of the pioneers of the Romantic school of poetry in English literature, after Shakespeare and Milton, can be seen as one of the Bards of English literature. The title “Bard” is primarily and conventionally considered a synonym for Shakespeare, but the term’s archaic meaning implies a poet who traditionally recites verses on heroes and heroic deeds; Wordsworth recites in many of his poems, the deeds, lives, the hardship, the feelings of the rustics and common folk.

By - Dr. Joydeb Chanda, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy

The world witnessed a global pandemic since 2019 caused by the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It is characterized by high transmissibility, which led to the disruption of socioeconomic conditions around the globe. To combat the COVID pandemic the healthcare professional focuses on early diagnosis and isolation, public health quarantine with a temporal and spatial distance between patients as the consumers of health services, and healthcare providers.

By - Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, HOD and Associate Professor, School of Legal Studies

“The great task of education is not merely to collect facts but to know man and to make oneself known to men”----- Rabindra Nath Tagore

Education plays a paramount role in transforming the lives of the people. It is not just concerned with formal academic learning and does not restrict itself to textbooks, but extends to include the application of knowledge, skills, and moral values acquired by an individual for the betterment and advancement of the society.

By - Mr. Koushik Nath, Security Architect, CISCO Systems

Gone are those days when computer viruses were primarily written for either fun or to cause minor disturbances. ‘Brain’, the first MS-DOS virus, was launched in 1986, and possibly no one would have thought that this tiny piece of software would evolve into a multi-billion-dollar industry in 2020 and beyond!

By - Prof. (Dr.) Susanta Mitra, Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Director – School of Engg. & Applied Sciences

The popularity and demand for Renewable Energy are increasing day by day across the globe and especially in India. The primary reasons are its abundant natural availability and lower emissions of carbon and other pollutions as against the Non-renewable or ‘dirty’ energy sources like coal, oil, or gas. An increasing continuous effort is going on to generate electrical power from renewable energy to cater to industrial and domestic needs. A lot of research activities are going on for making the technological advancements in these areas with due support from the government.

By - Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, HOD and Associate Professor, School of Legal Studies    

The new challenges which have emerged due to globalization and Liberalization have brought many questions relating to career opportunities in the minds of our students. Many new professions have emerged and it becomes an important duty to be open and ready to accept the stress to make a perfect choice.  But this is ironic that despite the change in the entire thought process in the sphere of choosing the right career, Indian students remain in dilemma.

By - Dr. Ankush Ghosh, Assistant Professor and HOD, Robotics & Automation, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Due to sudden outbreak of Covid-19, human lifestyle has changed a lot recently. To stay safe people has to stay their home to avoid human interaction. However, it is almost unavoidable in the country like India, where people prefer to buy offline and most of the industries run with human labour. The developed countries have the infrastructure to run the business with machines. At this time, we are feeling the necessity of humanless business since this Covid-19 problem is here to stay for a long time.

By Dr. Chandra Kanti Chakraborti, Professor, School of Pharmacy

'Antibiotic resistance' is the ability of bacteria or other microbes to resist the effects of an antibiotic. Such problem must be faced squarely in every country where they can take actions that will benefit everybody. Actually, antibiotic resistance can affect anyone, of any age, in any country. This problem has become one of the world's most pressing public health problems. Antibiotic resistance is increasing at an alarming rate.

By: Chef Atin Das, Hospitality Faculty, School of Hospitality and Culinary Art

The Millennials (people age between 18 and 35) almost 65% of world’s populations, changing their food habits are more inclined towards conscious indulgence. This means that while they want to indulge in the practice of eating right thing and eating out , they want to be mindful of what they are eating and will select their places after thorough consideration. People are becoming more health-conscious day by day and the trend is impacting the changing food habits of Millennials. They frequently visit the gyms, consult nutritionists, follow health groups on social media, and generally take better care of their health. Millennials have grown up in the age of globalization.

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