Dr. Nanda Kumar Roy

Assistant Professor

The Neotia University

Department: Agriculture (Animal Science)

School: School of Agriculture and Allied Science

Highest Educational Qualification: M.V.Sc, PhD


 Working as Assistant Professor, (Animal Science), School of Agriculture and Allied Science, The Neotia University- 4 Years

Research Interest: Increasing the growth and productivity of livestock species through different feeding and managemental strategies. 

Publication details: 12 (National 7 + International 5)

No of article(Review & Research) published 12
No of abstract 6
No of poplar article 7
No of Book Chapter Published 2

Distinction / Award: 

No. of Award-1

  • Dr. N.S.R. Sastry Eight Sisters Award for Best LPM Research in North-eastern Region, Organised by Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary Education and Research (PGIVER), RAJUVAS, Jaipur in 4-6th Feb,2020.
  • Awarded with three times Strong man for the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and Mr. Vetcol Award for the year 2015 and 2017 in CVSc, AAU,Khanapara,Guwahati-22

No. of Book/ Book Chapter: 2

Additional Qualification: NET (ICAR).

No. of Abstracts Presented in Seminar/Conference/Symposium: 6

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