Prof.(Dr.) Sushil Kumar Kothari


School of Agriculture & Allied Sciences

Prof. (Dr.) Sushil Kumar Kothari has more than 35 years of Academic, Research and Development expertise in Agriculture (including 14 years as Director/Consultant in corporate sector). He was Director of Roshini Group of companies, CTO of Roshini International Bio-Energy Corporation and Scientist at CSIR- CIMAP, Lucknow. A DAAD fellow (German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn), he studied at Institute of Plant Nutrition, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart (post doc), Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi (Ph.D. Agronomy), BCKV, West Bengal (M.Sc. Agronomy and B.Sc. Agriculture).

He has done his research work on the development of agro-technologies of Medicinal, Aromatic and Bio-fuel crops. He is a Life member of the Indian Society of Agronomy, Indian Society of Soil Science, Indian Society for Spices and Essential Oil Association of India. He has 87 publications in peer reviewed national and international journals with 1658 Google Scholar citations and has attended 52 national and 11 international conferences.

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