Pharmaceutics Lab

Equipment Name: Tablet Coating Machine

Description: A tablet coating machine is equipment that coats the external surface of a tablet using a thin film of coating material. Working principle of tablet coating machine is relatively simple where the application of coating material is done on a moving bed of tablets and removing rapidly the solvent using a current of hot air.

Equipment Name: Capsule Filling Machine

Description: Capsule filling machines or encapsulation machines are mechanical devices commonly used for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes. These machines are used to fill empty soft or hard gelatin capsules of various sizes with powders, granules, semi-solids or liquids substances containing active pharmaceutical ingredients or a mixture of active drug substances and excipients. This process of filling empty capsules with substances is termed encapsulation.

Equipment Name: Friability Test Apparatus

Description: Tablet friability test apparatus are used for determination of durability of tablets at the time of production. The apparatus is designed to provide the precise value of rate of abrasion and impact hardness of the tablets. Friability is important since it affects in particle size distribution of granules affecting compressibility into tablet, tablet weight variation, granule flow ability. Friability is determined using Friability Tester and % loss is determined.

Equipment Name: Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus

Description: Disintegration is defined as that state in which no residue of the unit under test remains on the screen of the apparatus or, if a residue remains, it consists of fragments of disintegrated parts of tablets component parts such as insoluble coating of the tablets or of capsule shells, or of any melted fatty substance from the pessary or suppository or is a soft mass with no palpable core.

Equipment Name: Tablet Punching Machine

Description: Tablet press also referred to as tableting machine, pharmaceutical tablet press, tablet compressing machine or tablet punching machine is a mechanical device that compresses powders into tablets of uniform size, shape, and weight containing approximately the same quantity of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and excipients.

Equipment Name: Projection Microscope

Description: A compound light microscope with an added feature of projecting the microscopic image to a wall or projecting screen is called Projection Microscope. It is based on the radial propagation of an electron beam from a point source. It is interfaced with computer to project the object on wide computer screen for easy analysis. It forms an extremely enlarged real image of some small objects on a distant screen which can be computer screen

Equipment Name: BOD Incubator

Description: It is very popular instrument used in various applications to test the culturing of the bacteria and other microorganisms. The instrument simulates a condition which allows the sustenance of the microorganisms. Apart from temperature and humidity, the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are also maintained, as they are also essential for the survival. In molecular biology and microbiology, this machine holds a great importance to perform the routine bacteriological tests.

Equipment Name: Aseptic Cabinet

Description: Aseptic cabinet is a devices used within the lab to provide an aseptic work area that helps protect both the laboratory personnel and the materials they are working with.

Equipment Name: Hot Air Tray Drier

Description: Tray dryer is widely used for material dying in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its drying process is based on circulation of got air trough the chamber having material. A tray dryer is a convectional drying equipment with enclosed insulated chambers and trays placed on top of each other in a trolley

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