Agriculture: A sector with unlimited scope

Agriculture: A sector with unlimited scope

16 May 2023
By - Digital Team- The Neotia University.

Agriculture: A sector with unlimited scope

Are you struggling to select a course for your professional life? If you have studied biological science up to class 10 and then proceeded with either PCB or PCM, agriculture could be one of the prospective subjects that you could rely on. Agriculture is the most dynamic and promising course that will hold its demand till the last day of human civilization. The hunger is equally alarming for the people of any strata of society, and that issue could be solved only with a futuristic climate-resilient global food security policy. This journey of a zero-hunger world will start with your entry into the undergraduate agriculture degree.

Agriculture Industry Scope

India has witnessed a pertinent change in agriculture education in the last few decades with more and more participation from the feminine gender. Community based gender neutral, inter-disciplinary and innovative agriculture will build the future of modern India. By 2050 India will be the most populous country of the world. The decrease of arable land and water-bodies with more mouth to feed could only be managed with new innovative agriculture. The local to global approach of our nation will display further hope for the acceleration of Indian agriculture sector with unconventional contemporary jobs for the youth of the country.

Inclusion of cutting-edge technologies of GIS, remote sensing, precision agriculture, biotechnology, nano-technology, hi-tech cultivation, conservation agriculture, AI integrated robotics, organic farming, Agri-business management, and international agriculture is making the agriculture course more revolutionary and application-oriented with the creation of novel jobs.

B.Sc. Agriculture Course Overview

The Neotia University offers a 4-year Honours Graduation in Agriculture, which will unlock the door for your advance studies in Genetics & Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Pathology, Entomology, Biochemistry & Crop Physiology, Agricultural Engineering, Food Science, Agricultural economics, and Agricultural Extension. Specialization in these fields will assist you in accurately choosing the way of your contribution towards the noble cause of food and livelihood security for the whole nation.

The final year of the B.Sc Agriculture course strengthens the professional ability of the students. You will be ready to face the challenges of the job sector. The Neotia University offers various practical training programs such as RAWE (Rural Agricultural Work Experience), EL (Experiential Learning), AIA (Agro Industrial Attachment), and HOT (Hands-on Training) to make you industry-ready.

The Career Path after Pursuing B.Sc. Agriculture Course

After completion of the four-year honours degree, the student may directly apply for several lucrative jobs available in the government and private sectors. Some of the government sector jobs include Agricultural Development Officer, Horticultural Development Officer, Farm Manager, IBPS Agriculture Field Officer, Agricultural Sales Representative, Food Safety Officer, Agriculture Coordinator, Technical Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Seed Purchase Manager, and Plant Quality Control Technician. Additionally, there are several private sector opportunities such as Project Head and Operation Manager in FPO, Export Marketing Executive, Research Analyst – Agri Commodities, Agri-business Adviser, Consulting & Strategy Manager, Microbiologist, Plant Breeder, QC-Executive, Entomologist, Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Finance Officer, Junior researcher, Brand Activation Manager, Export Service Manager, Plant & Process Simulation Specialist, Data scientist-I, Relationship Manager (Retail), Warehouse Supervisor, Sales & Dispatch Officer, Project Officer, and Logistic Manager are available for agriculture graduates.


Study B.Sc. Agriculture at The Neotia University

The agriculture curricula offered by The Neotia University increase the entrepreneurial mindset, leadership qualities, and confidence among the students. The outcome of the venture generates self-employment among the youth to fulfill the Make-India and Skill-India dream of the nation. In addition to external job applications and campus interviews, the university puts emphasis on skill and entrepreneurship development modules. The fully operative RAWE, AIA, and ELP training of the students with precise orientation on detailed project report (DPR) generation and offering of all the elective courses mentioned in the 5th Dean Committee report of ICAR makes the students armored in a competitive job market and confident enough to enter family business and become a job-creator.




ICAR 5th Dean Report – FifthDeansCommiteeReport-22022017.pdf (

B.Sc Agriculture – Scope and career opportunities

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