Career in Law: Transforming Passion into Profession

Career in Law: Transforming Passion into Profession

6 Sep 2021
By - Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, HOD and Associate Professor, School of Legal Studies

The new challenges which have emerged due to globalization and Liberalization have brought many questions relating to career opportunities in the minds of our students. Many new professions have emerged and it becomes an important duty to be open and ready to accept the stress to make a perfect choice. But this is ironic that despite the change in the entire thought process in the sphere of choosing the right career, Indian students remain in dilemma.

A career opportunity is the biggest issue in the twenty-first century and there are no limitations to what one can do. In fact, the very important challenge what student faces when making career decisions these days as to what career they should choose from the plethora of career opportunities that are available. The very first question that arises is how one should begin to explore a career option that satisfies the heart and soul as well as the wallet. Finding out the opportunities and to know about the market strategies involved as it is important to know about yourself.

With the advent of career options in different fields like Accountancy, Management, Banking, Insurance, Sports, Media, Information technology, Engineering, Medical, and Law. Aspirants have access to a huge variety of career options to choose from and even they have to find appropriate resources and the required funding to pursue the career of their choice. In the present regime, Law has emerged as one of the best career options for the students and has become an indispensable part of society is not only examining what law is? But where the law is?. In the present study, we shall examine the importance of law, why one should study law and how it has evolved as a career, and what are the best career options available for Law students.

Growth of Law as Profession: Indian Context

Indian legal system was designed and shaped by the British in the Pre-independence period by enacting different codified laws, by introducing a hierarchy of courts and very importantly after independence and with the commencement of the constitution a new era has ushered where the law was developing with the changing needs of the nation and as a result requirement of legal professionals has increased. A new dimension evolved and the law has different meanings for Citizens, Lawyers, Legislatures, Executives, Corporate Professionals, and Judges. There is a very famous maxim ‘Ignoratia Juris non-excusat’ which means ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is not possible for a layman to know every law but they should be guided by legal professionals in that regard. India adopted the policy of Liberalization in 1991 and with the evolution of Information technology, most of the commercial laws are enacted and modified. The legal regime has become much more complex for the layman to understand so they need the help of legal professionals. Let us examine new professional areas which have emerged for legal professionals and where they can pursue their career.

Career Opportunities after LL.B

LL.B can be pursued after completion of Class XII or graduation (either 5years or 3 years) from any recognized college/University under UGC and approved by the Bar Council of India. After completion of LL.B, every student has to clear the All India Bar Examination (AIBE), conducted by the Bar Council of India. They may have a number of career opportunities available namely:

A) Practicing Advocate/ Law Firm

After clearing the All India Bar Examination law graduate may join a Senior advocate and start independent practice under his guidance or he may also start his own law firm where other lawyers will join him and he may become an entrepreneur. Many law firms are there in India and they are giving legal Consultancy to litigants and Corporates.

B) Government Jobs

I) A Law graduate may also opt for Public Prosecutors or APP /Law Officer.

II) He may also opt for judicial services. (Competitive examinations are being conducted by State Governments in every state through their Public Service Commission)

III) He may also have the option of joining nationalized banks as a Law Officer.

IV) Law graduates may also compete in Civil services of Central/ State. He has the option of choosing law paper as his specialization which gives him an add on advantage and a better understanding of administration over his competitors.

V) He can also join Financial Institutions e.g., Life Insurance Corporation of India, Reserve Bank of India, Securities and Exchange Board of India as a law officer.

C) Private Sector Jobs

I) A law graduate has options to join the Legal department of Corporate or even in Multinational Corporations and Electronic Commerce Companies as a Legal advisor or Legal executive for dealing with important issues of Merger and Acquisition, Winding Up, Public issues, and breach of Online contracts.

II) He may also join in banks like ICICI, HDFC as a Legal Retainer/Advisor for dealing in Loan Default cases, and cheque bouncing cases.

III) He has options to join in Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFC’S), Hire Purchase financing Companies, and Real Estate sectors.

IV) More and more options are expanding for law graduates in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO’s). LPO’s are providing services to foreign clients where Indian Lawyers provides legal services to foreign lawyers or Law firm.

D) Academics

Higher education in law always gives an add on advantage where law graduates may upgrade themselves by doing LL.M and Ph.D. and shall qualify UGC NET examination for joining the teaching profession. Lots of vacancies are emerging in Central/State Universities, State Aided Law Colleges, Private Law Colleges, and Universities.

E) Judge Advocate General (Indian Armed forces )

A law graduate may also join armed forces as Judge Advocate General. It’s Short Service Commission employment. For vacancy and other information relating to eligibility criteria, applicants must refer to the Indian Army website.

F) ADR/ International Commercial Arbitration

Law Graduates/Practicing Advocates are nowadays more and more engaged in Alternative dispute resolution and in International Commercial Arbitration.


In the digital era, proper guidance and skill development is the mantra to achieve success. The legal regime is becoming complex day by day creating more demand for Legal professionals. The Neotia University is presently offering Five Year’s B.A.LL.B (HONS) and B.B.A.LL.B (HONS) with a very vibrant and dynamic curriculum and is committed for shaping it’s students with practical exposures along with drafting skills so that the students shall become complete product after completing five years to face the global challenges confidently. Opportunities have never been so ripe. The opening up of new avenues and challenges apart from courtroom practice has widened the areas for legal professionals which are yet to be explored.

If one can challenge the challenges of daily life then this is the right time to choose law as his career and to transform his passion into a profession.

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