International Law: Career Prospects

International Law: Career Prospects

3 Jun 2023
By - -Ayush Jha, Assistant Professor, SOLS, TNU

Many lawyers tend to ask when someone talks about International Law- “Why Bother?”, “is it even important?”, “how will it help me in my career?”. Such has been the nature of this contentious subject that people become sceptical. To answer this, one must understand three things: Firstly, we cannot practice International Law in Indian Courts. Secondly, it primarily regulates relations of the countries inter se. Thirdly, it does affect all of us in many ways.

Studying international law allows students to develop insights into the global legal system and its influence on both national and international policies. The world is interconnected as never before. Everyone is affected by Russia-Ukraine war, the transmission of Russian gas to western Europe, and piracy in the South China Sea. It creates a certain level of aptitude, and helps in developing important values of humanity, that is needed of a lawyer, even though they may be practicing at a District Court. Moreover, there are a lot of research opportunities, policy based work, administrative work, and opportunities at international organisations such as International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, etc. We are also witnessing an increase in reference to International Law in the judgements of Supreme Court. It is vital for a student of law to have a grasp on the issues that are international in nature, to become the leaders, policy makers, advocates, diplomats, etc. of the days to come.

The School of Legal Studies at Neotia University, has incorporated the study of International law at various levels in the curriculum which includes Public International Law, Private International Law, International Trade and Investment Law. The areas covered in these subjects include some of the very relevant and contemporary legal issues and provisions such as Law of Sea, Air and Space Law, International Criminal Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, etc. The SOLS has also conducted special lectures and seminars on the issues related to International Law by the industry experts for a global exposure. These aspects of international law are needed to be learnt by a law student in order to have an all-round understanding of the issues and concerns of the nation and the world. The thriving of economy, polity, and peaceful coexistence of this globalized and interdependent world rests on the learning and improving of the fine aspects of international law.

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