Millenials Food Trends

Millenials Food Trends

6 Sep 2021
By - Chef Atin Das, Hospitality Faculty, School of Hospitality and Culinary Art

The Millennials (people age between 18 and 35) almost 65% of world’s populations, changing their food habits are more inclined towards conscious indulgence. This means that while they want to indulge in the practice of eating right thing and eating out , they want to be mindful of what they are eating and will select their places after thorough consideration. People are becoming more health-conscious day by day and the trend is impacting the changing food habits of Millennials. They frequently visit the gyms, consult nutritionists, follow health groups on social media, and generally take better care of their health. Millennials have grown up in the age of globalization.

In present time people are ready to pay high price against healthy Food. The income of the Millennials has increased, and there are more working people per household, they have higher spending power on healthy food. Though, the work-life imbalance has also been instrumental in people eating out options more frequently. Also, eating out, especially at premium places like all star category places, allow people to flaunt their social quotient.

Changing Food Habits of Millennials

Millennials prefer places with strong food ethics. They want to know how fresh, especially organic their food is, the sources of food is coming, and if it is ethically sourced. Millennial’s changing food habits are an impact of the advent of trends.

Millennials counted calories and preferred not to eat much food to avoid weight gain, today’s youth knows that ‘not eating’ is not the right option, instead ‘eating right and healthy’ food. The Food servers who are clearly labeled and transparent about their ingredients means sources of raw materials and product claims, they serve low fat, low calories, GMO- free, high nutritive value, high antioxidants and additives foods in their menu will usually find themselves in the good books of consumers.

Boosting interest in Soup and Salad is all about playing to rotate options based on weather, offer a variety of options both light and indulgent and make soup and salad options a craveable value. Few glimpse of modern trend of Soup and Salad buffet which incredibly increasing for Millennials. Regardless of the time of year, presenting both healthier options and more indulgent selections of salads and soups will appeal to a broader audience.

Like to share few healthy Salads and Soups. Latest trend of Industry to attract Millennials for Salad & Soups is Live Counter. They prefer their food to be prepared in front of them as per their choice.

Recipes will be there in next blog.

Salad – French Beans Salad, Gado- Gado, Nicoise, Argenteul, Bretonne, Bonton Salad, Carmelite, Caprice, Salade Panache, Fruit Salad.

Soup – Onsomme Blanc, Chicken Bouillon, Avgolemono Soup, French Onion Soup, Tomato Tofu Soup, Gazpacho, Scotch Broth, Prawn Peas Thyme, Asparagus Olive Soup, Roasted Bellpepper Soup


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