Modern Tools of Biotechnology

Modern Tools of Biotechnology

14 Jul 2021
By - Dr. Poulomi Chakrborty, Teaching Associate, Biotechnology, School of Science & Technology

Strong immunity is the key to a healthy body.  Our daily activities are the impactful determiners to the strength of our individual immunity.  There are several reasons behind the reduction of our resistance property towards several infections and diseases such as poor diet, mental stress, inadequate sleep, obesity, lack of physical activities, and of course neglecting nutrient-rich food.

In addition, as the weather changes, so does the temperature, which leads to the growth of certain viruses and bacteria that thereafter, interferes with and weakens our immunity.  Consequently, a compromised immune system can increase the risk of several infections by pathogenic microbes and can also adversely affect the normalcy of our organ system, thereby making humans prone to various diseases.  Moreover, various factors mentioned above like stress and all may also disrupt the immune system which can give birth to various complications like chronic respiratory disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and so on.  Here, the huge scope of biotechnology can be used for an enhanced therapeutic regime which attempts to cure the world by reducing the rate of infectious diseases and minimizing health risks by utilizing natural tools and genetic machinery to combat serious threat of our everyday life.  Among the multifarious biotechnological techniques, two extremely well known modern tools discussed below might have wide-ranging applications in the field of biotechnology as well as diagnosis of several diseases and prevention or cure of the same.

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