Navigating Career Opportunities in Nautical Science

Navigating Career Opportunities in Nautical Science

24 Mar 2023
By - Digital Team- The Neotia University.

Let me guess. You have passed Class XII and you are navigating careers with rewarding opportunities in the future. Careers in the field of Nautical Science are lucrative, challenging and adventurous. Nautical Science is a multidisciplinary subject that deals with the study of the techniques of navigating and operating a ship.

This course also imparts you with interesting skills and knowledge regarding ship operations, technical equipment and functional structures.  As a Nautical Science student, you also have to develop comprehensive understanding about ship navigation and construction, oceanography, meteorology, voyage planning and maritime commerce. If you are considering Nautical Science as a career, first explore the different type of career opportunities that can be pursued after studying this course:

Captain of the Ship

He is also known as master mariner, the person in charge of a ship or watercraft. He is responsible for the overall operation of the vessel, including its navigation, maintenance and crew management. He has ultimate authority and responsibility for the safety of the crew, passengers and the ship itself. Candidates who study B.Sc. in Nautical Science can eventually lead himself to become the Captain of the Ship.

Navigation Officer

They are the crew members in command of the ship. It is their job to oversee the vessels movement and ensure the safety of passengers. Navigation Officers conduct the routine manoeuvres of the vessel, coordinate with the ships personnel and oversee the loading and unloading of vehicles and passengers.

Marine Superintendent

They are marine officers who are posted ashore and manage the day-to-day vessel operations to maximize the efficiency of the ship with respect to speed, fuel consumption, cargo operations and survey / certification. Marine Superintendent also liaise with ships, including shipowners, commercial operators and regional offices to ensure maximum intakes and best stow. Optimizing and managing the bunker requirements of owned or chartered fleet are also part of their job.



Master Mariner

They are licensed mariners who hold the highest grade of seafarer qualification with an unlimited master’s license. This license endows the master mariner to serve as the master of a merchant ship of any size, of any type, operating anywhere in the world.  There are instances where Master Mariners are elevated to Chief Executive Officers in Shipping Companies across the world.

Port Marine Operations Officer

He works as the leader or member of a port or harbour operation team. He is involved in berthing of vessels, port control and marine services, conservancy, environmental protection, statutory compliance and operation of harbour marine craft.

Government and Private Job Prospects

Candidates who study Nautical Science can pursue jobs both in the private and public sector. The government career opportunities include jobs under Ministry of Shipping as Nautical Surveyor cum DDG (Tech) that can be qualified through UPSC examination. They can work as pilots, Directors, Deputy Conservator in ports sectors.

More Career Avenues

This is not all…the list goes on comprising Marine Surveyor, Deck Officers, Marine Biologist, Marine Environmental Scientist and many more. A student willing to study B.Sc. in Nautical Science need to pass Class-12 from a recognized Board with PhysicsChemistry and Math.

Students after graduation in Nautical Science can also opt for higher studies like MSc. in Shipping, Trade & Finance, M.Sc. in Maritime Affairs, MBA Maritime and Shipping to enhance their career prospects in future.  With adequate industry experience students having post-graduation qualification can also explore teaching opportunities in future.

Career Progression in the Field of Nautical Science

After graduation a student from B.Sc. in Nautical Science will have to work as the trainee cadet for one year. In this training period the candidate can earn around $500 to $ 750 per month. As the candidate gains more experience in this field, he can elevate to the position of Second Office with a remuneration of clearing this they elevate second Office $1500 to $1700 per month after qualifying Competency Exam under Govt. of India. A deserving candidate with seven years’ experience you can become the Captain of the Ship and earn up to $10000 – $12000 per month.


Study B.Sc. in Nautical Science at The Neotia University (TNU)

Bachelor in Nautical Science offered at The Neotia University (TNU) blends the standard academic syllabus over and above what is prescribed by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India. The Neotia University is one of the pioneering Universities in West Bengal offering maritime courses like B.Tech in Marine Engineering and B.Sc. Nautical Science.

The University offers novel infrastructure facilities like an inbuilt ship in the campus and a latest bridge simulator that can be used to deliver a realistic rendering of the ship board environment to provide aspiring Nautical Science cadets a hands-on experience. B.Sc. Nautical Science students passing out from The Neotia University have bagged lucrative placements in esteemed organizations like Destan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Apeejey Shipping, MOL, Mercator, ONGC and Ocean Sparkle.

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