By - Ms. Atrayee Bandyopadhyay, School of Humanities, Management & Social Science

In today’s world, everybody is in pursuit of successful 1career. There are many who are in search of an unconventional yet bright career options. The notion that only doctors & nurses are required to run a hospital no longer is valid and acceptable today. The hospital administration & managerial activities is such a vital & integral part of the hospital that without which the hospital will cease to operate. Hospital being a complex organisation which need a completely unique approach to operate needs specially trained managers who have the knowledge & capability to help in the entire hospital operations management so that hospital functions smoothly.

By - Dr. Prasun Karmakar, School of Agriculture & Allied Sciences, The Neotia University.

India is now combatting its worst locust attack in 27 years, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. It is a potential threat to our nation’s economy, as it has already suffered huge economic losses from COVID-19 outbreak, Cyclone Amphan and Nisarga.

By - Moutusi Bera, Student of Integrated M.Sc in Biotechnology of The Neotia University.

Moutusi Bera, Student of integrated M.Sc in Biotechnology of The Neotia University, shares her journey to pursue her dreams of becoming a Biotechnologist. Since childhood I was fascinated by the science of nature and its limitless possibilities of benefiting humanity and environment. I realized that to improve human health and environment, we need to harmonize the science of Biology and Technology which in the modern era is referred as the science of Biotechnology.

Sampreet Sarkar, presently studying B.Tech in Robotics Engineering from The Neotia University-School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is one of the team members from the core group of five students who developed MARIA. He shares with us the story of how his friends, juniors and their mentor Dr. Ankush Ghosh collaborated to conceptualize and build this Service cum Security Robot: MARIA.

By - Kamalika Chakraborty, Student of B.Sc in Hospitality Administration of The Neotia University.

Kamalika Chakraborty, presently pursuing B.Sc in Hospitality Administration from The Neotia University - School of Hospitality & Culinary Art, shares her learning experience of developing herself with the ingredients of a successful Chef. Pure love for food inspired me to dream of a career where I could turn my passion in to profession. I knew that I could not fulfill my innate interest in the subject of food by studying a traditional course. My search began for a career that fitted my passion, interest and talent from that moment of realization.

By - Cadet Niloy Bharadwaj, 2018 pass out B.Sc Nautical Science graduate, now working with MOL, shares his journey of becoming the Captain of a Ship.

Since my childhood, a life in the sea was my inner calling. I used to stare at the ships setting sail towards unknown lands and envy the brave mariners in flawless white uniforms, wearing the distinguished shoulder pieces with the stripes, the smart captain hats braving the tides of the seasto sail forth.The grandeur and adventure of maritime life drew me towards careers at sea from my childhood days.

No, there is no pun intended in the title. My regular destination comes within the first three options of every website's "Short Trip destinations from Kolkata" list. 

Every second person who gets to know that I travel all over from North 24 Parganas to South 24 Parganas to my college every day gasps in wonder, sometimes with a faint recollection of a short trip they had made there. 

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