Shaping My Dream to become a Biotechnologist

Shaping My Dream to become a Biotechnologist

6 Sep 2021
By - Moutusi Bera, Student of Integrated M.Sc in Biotechnology of The Neotia University.

Moutusi Bera, Student of integrated M.Sc in Biotechnology of The Neotia University, shares her journey to pursue her dreams of becoming a Biotechnologist. Since childhood I was fascinated by the science of nature and its limitless possibilities of benefiting humanity and environment. I realized that to improve human health and environment, we need to harmonize the science of Biology and Technology which in the modern era is referred as the science of Biotechnology.

Today, it is an emerging field with diverse applications that impacts industries like food processing, textile, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environment conservation among many others. That is why I chose Biotechnology, a subject that could fulfill my passion as well as my professional aspiration.

My Learning Experience

I always believed that learning is not limited to books or lectures within classroom boundaries. It is a dynamic process that can be facilitated by the environment, the people and overall discipline. The first thing which enhanced my learning experience at The Neotia University is the vast, lush green, sprawling campus providing all the facilities required to facilitate an overall learning experience.

I chose the M.Sc. course in Biotechnology, an extensive and intensive course covering a wide spectrum of subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Physical sciences as well as engineering disciplines for a focused and integrated learning experience. I got initiated into the hands-on practical sessions by our experienced and expert faculty team.

As a Biotechnology student, one must possess a massive appetite for reading wide range of books, national and international journals. I found the University library extremely versatile and well-stocked that helped me tostay informed and abreast of the latest developments in the field. In fact, the library reading areas are so large, peaceful and comfortable that sometimes I prefer to study in the quiet corners of the library reading rooms than in any other place.

Experiential Learning at CMBT

In order to facilitate our skilling process, our University collaborates with strategic learning partners like Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) and Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) to help the students understand the work dynamics of a Biotechnologist in an industry environment. Students also get diverse internships and live project opportunities in the relevant institutions and organizations to learn experientially.

Recently, I got the opportunity to do my summer training from CMBT, Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh. It was a great research and training exposure with a cross-cultural flavour that will enable me to apply my knowledge with a broader perspective in the future.

My Aspiration to become a Successful Biotechnologist

The scope of this sector is huge and diversified. A Biotechnologist can contribute in multi-dimensional areas like food production, treatment of chronic diseases through genetic engineering, production of useful drugs, waste management or enhance agricultural production quality.

However, of all these choices I aspire to work ona specialized drug development project or industrial pharmacy. After I complete my M.Sc. Programme in Biotechnology, I want to pursue PhD that will facilitate my career as an industrial researcher in the drug and pharmaceutical sector.

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