TNU brings the Best of Hospitality Administration Studies

TNU brings the Best of Hospitality Administration Studies

6 Sep 2021
By - Kamalika Chakraborty, Student of B.Sc in Hospitality Administration of The Neotia University.

Kamalika Chakraborty, presently pursuing B.Sc in Hospitality Administration from The Neotia University – School of Hospitality & Culinary Art, shares her learning experience of developing herself with the ingredients of a successful Chef. Pure love for food inspired me to dream of a career where I could turn my passion in to profession. I knew that I could not fulfill my innate interest in the subject of food by studying a traditional course. My search began for a career that fitted my passion, interest and talent from that moment of realization.

My exploration and research exposed me to the vast scope and lucrative career opportunities in the hospitality sector. I came to know that it is a booming industry that will allow me to pursue my passion in a multi-cultural environment with higher success possibilities than any other course.

I also learnt that culinary science is a specialized field in the hospitality industry that focuses on food science that includes extensive understanding of food processing, food chemistry, food microbiology, nutrition, garnishing and professional presentation of innovative foods. I also discovered that “culinary arts” is one of the core areas of study under hospitality and hotel management. My research further revealed that like other hospitality specializations, the subject of culinary science also need to give a lot of emphasis on practical training and exposure along with theoretical knowledge.

Out of the numerous lists of hotel management courses in the country, I chose to study B.Sc in Hospitality Administration from The Neotia University – School of Hospitality and Culinary Art because of their cut above industry orientation in teaching-learning practices, hands-on practical assignments, and massive industry exposure. Over and above the other areas of hotel and hospitality administration, the degree offered by the institute gave me an in-depth understanding in kitchen operation, food and beverage operation, management, production and service, food science and sanitation among others. In this institution, I get the opportunity to practically apply my creativity in culinary skills in the labs with latest equipment and facilities.

Another incentive of studying in The Neotia University campus is its stimulating learning environment. The campus is green, peaceful with well-equipped infrastructure, labs and other facilities along with a thriving campus life. The teachers here are very dynamic, knowledgeable and friendly. We are continuously engaged in activities that not only help us in our core learning area but also in our holistic personality development. I personally love to actively participate in those activities involving showcasing of my culinary skills.

I started with hands-on knowledge about different departments that operate and function in a hotel along with my core area of interest. By the end of first year, I interned with the culinary and food production department of one of most prestigious hotel brands, Swissotel Kolkata. This internship exposure is the stepping stone to my entry in the hospitality industry as a trainee chef-de-party. With more experience and working knowledge, I can steadily rise through different levels to become the second in command in the kitchen (Sous Chef) and continue the journey till I finally evolve in my role to fulfill my dream of becoming the Master Chef of a premier hotel brand.

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