The Scope of Robotics & Automation Career

The Scope of Robotics & Automation Career

16 May 2023
By - Digital Team- The Neotia University.

The Scope of Robotics & Automation Career

Robotics and Automation technologies have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, as they enhance workplace productivity and efficiency by performing repetitive tasks quickly and accurately. These technologies, combined with AI, can help businesses grow and improve their processes by analyzing large amounts of data and making quick decisions. Additionally, Robotics and Automation can perform utility tasks, reducing the risk of human errors, minimizing accidents, and improving safety in the workplace. These domains have seen significant growth and are in demand in various sectors such as Agriculture, Logistics, Defence, Space Exploration, Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Entertainment, Automotive, and Homelife. According to a report by IndustryARC, the Indian Industrial market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% from 2019-2024.

Moreover, the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, 97 million new jobs will be created in these domains globally. This growing demand for highly skilled robot and automation engineers with problem-solving and critical thinking skills has led to the development of an industry-oriented curriculum at The Neotia University’s Robotics and Automation Department.

The Robotics and Automation Department at The Neotia University

The B.Tech in Robotics and Automation programme  offers a well-structured curriculum taught by qualified faculties who have extensive experience from industry and academia. The department also has well-established robo labs where students can gain hands-on experience. The department offers industry-based internships, multi-disciplinary projects, and implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robotic and Automation. Graduates are also provided with job placement opportunities with handsome packages.

The Robotics and Automation Department also collaborates with esteemed academic and industry partners like Think Again Lab, which provides students with exposure to different technologies and helps them acquire new skills through practical projects and special training sessions.

Research Initiatives of the Department

The Department Robotics and Automation is continuously engaged in various research initiatives such as the Design of Autonomous Tractor, Artificial and Computational Intelligence utilizing multi-sensor Fusion Data in Plantation and Product Management, design and development of autonomous robots for crop growth monitoring under diverse conditions, and Implementation of Cybersecurity in Mobile Robotics under PhD research.

Success Stories of the Robotics and Automation Department

The Department boasts of several student success stories such as the third-year students (2020 Batch) presented their projects in the 25th National Exhibition. The second-year students (2021 Batch) presented their projects in Eastern India Science and Engineering Fair 2023 and the first-year students (2022 Batch) presented their projects in the Workshop on Robotics & Automation.

The Department has achieved several accolades, including Department has also published nine journals, two book chapters, and two conference proceedings.

Study B. Tech in Robotics and Automation at The Neotia University

The department follows a Model-Based Teaching approach and a Project-Based learning approach to ensure students gain practical knowledge. The department’s labs are equipped with advanced technology, including an AI and IoT-enabled Kinova Manipulator, CNC lathe machine, CNC milling machine, EDM, Hydraulic and Pneumatic trainer kits, and a Robo simulation Lab. The department regularly organizes workshops and seminars, providing students with hands-on sessions on hardware and software. The Robotics and Automation technologies are transforming various industries, creating a significant demand for skilled professionals. The department takes special initiatives to encourage students to work on multi-departmental projects, participate in different competitions such as TechFest and e-yantra, and provides opportunities for industrial visits and internships from international universities to prepare students for global careers in this field.

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