Revisiting Workspace

The webinar was organized by the School of Hospitality and Culinary Art to provide students with the live scenario changes post-pandemic situations, incorporating how generally food production department is performing and changing its standard way of functioning to the “new normal” standards, also provided students with the input of how food and beverage industry is shaping up in the near future with what qualities or traits one needs to focus on or develop during his/ her college days.

Students had much concern regarding how hotels were functioning post-pandemic scenarios, how the food industry is adapting to the changes, and how the requirements for manpower are changing. Chef Sayantan Chakroborty’s input regarding the issues was, “ In the present scenario we are looking for someone who is a multitasker” and beautifully explained how requirements are changing for recruitment of chef. The event was a success as students participated in it wholeheartedly while their queries were related to how to prepare oneself during this challenging time and much positivity was seen as our keynote speaker was able to put a sense of hope to inspire and live their dreams of becoming a world-class chef in the fields of hospitality.

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