Externally funded Research Projects


  1.  Effect of A-site sophisticated disorder on the Electromagnetic properties of ‘A-site   ordered RBaMn2O6 (R= rare earth)’ perovskite. Grant sanctioned by UGC-DAE in CRS scheme for 3 years (2017-19). (Sanction number: UDCSR/MUM/CD/CRS-M-254/2017/1024) (Sanction amount: INR 1,35,000.00) (Date of Sanction of Project: January 18, 2017) (PI: Dr. Kalyanashis De)
  2.  Dependence of Exchange Bias on Interparticle Interaction.  Grant sanctioned by SERB, Govt. of India. (Sanction number: EMR/2017/001195) (Sanction amount: INR 36,32,145) (Date of Sanction of Project: September 26, 2017) (PI: Dr. Debajyoti De & Co-PI: Dr. Manashi Chakraborty)
  3. Strategy development for the applications of biofertilizers into the soil to increase the soil fertility”: An efficient way to substitute the hazardous chemical fertilizer application  Grant sanctioned by SERB, DST, Govt. of India. (Sanction number: YSS/2015/000387) (Sanction amount: INR 23,20,145) (Date of Sanction of Project: December 18, 2015) (PI: Dr. Prosun Tribedi)

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